Getting personal: How Salesforce Integration brings you closer to your customer

Natalia Casselman profile image August 24, 2022 | 2 min read

In our ever-expanding digital landscape, we’re more connected than ever before—yet it’s also more challenging to build strong customer relationships, given the endless distraction and depersonalization.

Ever wish you could see your Salesforce notes whenever a customer called? Stop frantically toggling between programs and turn that wish into reality with Ooma Office’s newest feature—Salesforce Integration.

Merging the world’s most popular CRM solution with Ooma’s advanced phone service creates a solution that’s highly compatible, personal and purposeful.

What is Salesforce VoIP Integration?

Salesforce CRM Integration for Ooma Office Pro Plus makes it a cinch to keep customer information at your fingertips when you’re making phone contact. Salesforce Integration enables you to use Ooma Office within Salesforce, so you don’t have to leave the app to make or receive a VoIP call. This feature is only available in the Ooma Office Pro Plus plan, which includes every Ooma Office feature.

To place an outbound call, simply click the phone number link in the Salesforce app or enter the number in the text box. The caller data will automatically display whenever you make or receive a call from the app, providing the key information you need to jumpstart the conversation.

Then, exactly like an efficient human executive assistant, the Salesforce CRM VoIP Integration software logs the call and creates new tasks against matching records, showing the time and length of the call and important details. No more toggling back and forth between applications to update your notes.

Salesforce Integration is an elegant VoIP phone solution that saves you time, energy and stress. And isn’t this what every business owner needs?

Improved interaction increases customer satisfaction.

The real beauty of this feature lies in its ability to drive customer loyalty.

Here’s how: Having all of your customer information right in front of you on one screen allows you to address customers by name, which may surprise and will certainly delight them. Salesforce also shows you how customers have interacted with your company, so you can reference notes from a previous call, see what they’ve recently purchased, or ask how their new puppy is, ah, integrating with the family.

You can also note what a customer isn’t interested in so you don’t waste their time, or jot down something they had a problem with in the past, to provide reference points to better serve them in the future.
The personal touch gives you an edge in business, every time.

There’s a somewhat cynical adage that goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We believe both matter, and Salesforce VoIP Integration gives you this advantage: your customer’s background (the “what”) and their identity (the “who”), so you can personalize each interaction for both incoming and outbound calls, as well as anticipate your customer’s needs.

In the age of inclusivity, Salesforce Integration gets you closer to your customer, with a feature that’s compatible with all major Chromium-based browsers on both Mac and PC, and all major additions of Salesforce Lightning (Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited).

While other apps might clamor for customer attention with distracting bells and whistles, Salesforce Integration for Ooma Office brings you in for the win every time, with engaged customers—and employees who can spend more time interacting with them, rather than entering call data.

This high-touch interaction is a boon to customer satisfaction, growing trust and loyalty through exceptional customer service. You might think of it as the VoIP “handshake” that helps build your business.

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