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Virtual Receptionist with Ooma Office.

The Virtual Receptionist is one of the most versatile tools in the Ooma Office features suite, giving companies the ability to direct incoming calls and share important information about their businesses.


What is a virtual receptionist?

Think of the last time you called into a large company. You likely had to choose your preferred language, navigated through a phone menu, and select a particular department or extension with an automated guide. In these instances, you were using a multi-level (or nested) virtual receptionist. Once considered a big business feature, the virtual receptionist is now available to businesses large and small, thanks to business VoIP providers like Ooma.


“I love that the Virtual Receptionist allows callers to pick from menu items that forward the calls to extensions or voicemails of each employee. We are using the mobile app to stay connected no matter where we are. We are able to receive and transfer calls to other extensions through the app while working from home!”

– Sheena Tatum-Barton, NM Law firm

“With Ooma virtual receptionist we are able to route patient calls to the correct department. It has made life very easy and makes our patients happy. If a patient has a question and we are not available to answer they can immediately send a text and we can reply back and help in many ways we couldn’t before. Ooma helps us connect with our patients better.”

– Soheil Vahedi, Aesthetica dental group

“The virtual receptionist has been great at directing calls for our company. Since we are a smaller business it helps that it stops 90% of the robo calls and makes it easy to get to the different departments.”

– Stephen Jarvis, Basic Earth Essentials

Ooma takes Virtual Receptionist function one step further with flexible options:

  • Create custom messages with general information about your business, such as hours of operation and locations.
  • Route calls to extensions and ring groups.
  • Create menu options for different languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.).
  • Create modes for business hours and after hours.
  • Dial by name.

What are the benefits of a virtual receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist provides big benefits for businesses across all industries and sizes:
  • It makes things clear and simple for your customers: The virtual receptionist offers important information in a clear, concise and friendly way.
  • Callers can easily dial the extension they need: If a caller needs to get in touch with a particular user or department, they can dial their extension without waiting.
  • It helps you look more professional and polished: Creating a more established business presence, even on the phone, is important for companies large and small.
How to set up your Virtual Receptionist, Part 1
How to set up your Virtual Receptionist, Part 2

Type in your outgoing greeting and instantly hear the Virtual Receptionist say it!

To customize your own greeting, fill in the fields below or dial (866) 745-2113 to interact with a phone demo!

Press the play button below to hear your custom Virtual Receptionist greeting.


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