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When seconds matter, save valuable time in an emergency with Ooma e911 services.

Ooma Connect Base Station and Adapter next to a Yealink T23 IP Phone

Free equipment with my internet and phone service? Call me a doctor, this deal is hot.

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*Free equipment includes a Yealink T23 IP phone, Ooma Connect Base Station, and Adapter. Requires 3 users and 1 year rental contract. Hardware must be returned upon termination of contract.


How to keep historic hotels up to date with POTS replacement from Ooma

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The Ooma Office desktop app gets a facelift to boost productivity

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One-stop shopping for POTS replacement: how Generation 2.0 solutions outperform cellular communicators

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6 Wireless VoIP Headset Picks for 2023.

Maybe there’s an echo that’s draining your focus, or one of your colleagues is chatting loudly with someone else right next to you. All these problems are irritating for both parties, disturb your workflow and just seem plain unprofessional. That’s where VoIP phone headsets come into play. VoIP headsets reduce the chances of poor quality calls and prevent you from hearing the distractions around you. […]