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8 benefits of a virtual phone service for small businesses.

Virtual systems are simple to install and come with a suite of robust features that can be managed from an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. These solutions deliver a host of benefits, including enabling you to provide a better customer service experience and increasing your team’s productivity. […]


What should you look for in a Google Voice alternative?

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What if Santa went virtual?

Santa Claus has been around as long as anyone can remember, and yet his magical annual toy operation hasn't yet been modernized.Do you wonder what would happen if we applied modern business practices and updated technology to Santa’s old-. […]


Home security options for the work from home era.

Protecting your home from theft and unauthorized entry is an important way to keep yourself and your employees safe. In 2021, millions of Americans are working from home for long periods. Therefore, you may wish to consider making security cameras and alarm systems for your home as the business owner. […]