Ooma Basic base station in white.

Ooma Basic Home
Phone Service.

Ooma Basic home phone plan.

Ooma Basic Plan comes with all of the features you’d expect, and even some you wouldn’t expect in a normal landline, like initiating calls with Amazon Echo’s voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa.

Call 877-621-0515

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Free U.S. Calling

After an Ooma Telo purchase, you’ll get free home phone service: all you pay are applicable taxes and fees.

Free Ooma Mobile HD App

Enjoy free outbound calling on iOS and Android devices using the Ooma Mobile App.

Ooma PureVoice™ Technology

Ooma’s technology ensures fewer dropped calls and crisp, acoustic performance.

Amazon Echo

With Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa, you can initiate phone calls by number or contact name, and check voicemail.

Features included with Basic service:

911 alerts.

911 and 911 Alerts

Ooma will forward your registered service address to 911 dispatchers during emergencies. You can also receive a text or email when 911 is called.

Globe for international calling.

Low-Cost International Calling

Make international calls starting at 1.4 cents per minute, or choose the Ooma World Plan and call over 60 countries for only $17.99 a month plus applicable taxes and fees.

Keep your phone number.

Keep Your Number

Enjoy free number porting when you purchase an annual subscription to Ooma Premier, or pay a one-time fee of $39.99. Check here to see if your number can be ported.

Purevoice HD.

The Utmost Voice Clarity

Ooma PureVoice™ HD technology delivers crisp acoustic performance, whether you’re calling Ooma-to-Ooma or to any other HD network.

Answering machine Play button.

Answering Machine Functionality

Enjoy one-touch playback of messages that you can forward, reverse and delete.


MyOoma Online Portal

Hear messages, check call logs and control your preferences online.


Free 60-day Trial of Ooma Premier

Every Ooma system comes with a free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier, which includes our most advanced features. Ooma Premier costs just $9.99/month. Sign up for a year, and we’ll transfer your phone number for free ($39.99 value) or you can choose a free accessory.


Easy Setup and Activation

With Ooma’s easy setup, most customers can start making free calls in less than 15 minutes. Watch Video.


My Ooma Online Portal

Hear messages, check call logs and control your preferences online.

Network flows.

Advanced Network/Firewall Configuration

Hear messages, check call logs and control your preferences online.

Choose number.

Choose a New Number in Most U.S. Area Codes

Select a local area code, or one in a city far away. No matter what, we’ve got your number.

Call log.

Online Call Log

Check your calling history from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Quality of Service.

Advanced Network/Firewall Configuration

Ooma Telo is a high-performance firewall router with Quality of Service support, and it allows you to set up home-based servers and other network devices.


Ooma Wireless Adapter

Plug in the Ooma Wireless Adapter ($49.99) and unplug your Ooma Telo. Then, place it anywhere in range of your wireless network.

Bluetooth connection.


Pair your mobile phone or Bluetooth headset to your Ooma Telo using the Ooma Bluetooth adapter ($29.99).

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Telo Pro in black.

Ooma Telo

The original Ooma Telo is hardwired to your internet router. So if you can locate your Ooma Telo close to your router, this is the one for you.
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Telo-Air home phone.

Ooma Telo™ Air

Go wireless with Ooma Telo Air. This model has all the features of Ooma Telo but connects through your WiFi, so you can display it anywhere within range, without wires getting in the way.
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Works with Ooma Smart Security

Always know what’s happening at home. Choose from our flexible line of cameras and sensors.