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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

Customer Ratings

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Ooma reviews from customers:

Great to work with
Cindy Scott on Nov 11, 2019
Had issues upon installation. Customer service was helpful in trying to fix the problem. After getting a new base to try and resolve the problems of dropping calls they put a tech on the issue and it turned out to be a bad cable not the unit or service. Will let other companies know about how great their company is

The Virtual Receptionist feature ROCKS
Ken Klaft on Nov 11, 2019
My home phone (Ooma Residential) was getting absolutely crushed with junk calls. No fault of Ooma; these were all robocalls - some with my area code and prefix! NoMoRobo, call blocking, nothing worked until I switched to Ooma Office. My new virtual receptionist answers for us and advises the caller to press 1 to reach a member of the family. Now my land line rings only when somebody with a finger calls. LOL. I gave a lower review on price because I'd love to add a second extension but I'm not willing to pony up twice the price. 5 stars if there was some sort of discount on the second through "n" extensions offered.

We insisted on Ooma
Carl on Nov 05, 2019
We have two small businesses that are already on Ooma and upon acquisition of another business, we insisted on going to Ooma as well. The basic features are solid, but the extra features really put the icing on the cake! The mobile app is a hit with the younger front desk staff and the voicemail email notifications with attached audio files is also appreciated by managers. The virtual receptionist has screened 1000s of spam calls and saved countless man hours! Ooma setup is a breeze and support is always willing to help! Ooma is great for small businesses as we found out, but its ability to scale easily would make it very attractive to big businesses too!

In a time of desperate need with my current phone service Ooma came through with flying colors!
Joan on Nov 05, 2019
I had signed up with another company and hated every bit of my experience with them, so before my 30 days were up with them, I got the chance to talk with Ooma reps and they took charge and did their magic and gave me my piece of mind back! I am still very new to the phones and still learning but everything is working very well. I am happy and would recommend them for any small business!

Customer Service Is AMAZING
Samuel Reading on Nov 05, 2019
Very Very responsive, and quick to help during all hours. I am very impressed with their customer service

So far so great
THOMAS SLONEK on Nov 05, 2019
Would like to be able to set call forwarding through cell phone on mobile app. Otherwise the system seems to work great. Thanks

Ooma Genie is Magic
Trevor Alleger on Nov 05, 2019
Set up is easy (used a wifi connected cell phone), chose a number (from Hundreds available), and was making a receiving calls in less than 5 minutes, and saving over $60 a month! I'm amazed at the quality, and loving the savings - don't hesitate, switch now, you won't regret it.

Saving money every month!
Chet on Oct 29, 2019
We switched from SaskTel and haven't looked back. Saving money every month!

Great to do business with
Ray on Oct 29, 2019
Switch from Charter. I'm glad I switch to Ooma. Ooma is great to do business with.

Less problems
David P. on Oct 29, 2019
I switched from AT&T. I am glad I did because I have less problems with service now.