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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

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Ooma reviews from customers:

Transfer customers more quickly
Nicole on Apr 02, 2020
With the virtual receptionist we can change our transfer selections so the customer can get to the right department quicker. - Accounting Business

Route calls effortlessly
Glen on Apr 02, 2020
The virtual assistant helps us route calls effortlessly and easily and we can create different ones for different times of year. - Tech

Intercepts robocalls
Michael Poss on Apr 02, 2020
I like that it intercepts robocalls. I also like that it directs calls to the correct extension. I spend less time on the phone.

Gotten rid of 90% of the telemarketers
Rob on Apr 01, 2020
It's wonderful as it has gotten rid of 90% of the telemarketers and robo-calls.

Great reliable phone service.
Wes on Apr 01, 2020
Ooma has great reliable phone service.

Ooma office is great!
Owen Majeres on Mar 30, 2020
We switched to Ooma in order to add a second phone extension and the price for both is roughly what we were paying for just one extension with our old carrier. The features and quality are great and customer support has been easy to work with. I would recommend Ooma to anyone looking for a good VOIP system.

I've tried all the rest... I think Ooma is the BEST!
William Lawrence on Mar 30, 2020
Whether I am speaking with someone stateside here in the US, or overseas in a call center, your people are the friendliest, most cordial, most professional, talented group of individuals I have ever come in contact with. Without fail, every single one of the 6-8 times I've called over the past two weeks about porting our numbers over, setting up the virtual receptionist, or just getting a suggestion on how to accomplish something, your people are awesome. They listen, they take ownership, and they give expert advice and quickly resolve whatever issue you might have. We had an issue with one of the numbers now allowing texts to be sent, and your support person took such ownership of the issue, she was relentless in trying to reach me (I am hard to get ahold of sometimes) and after 3 or 4 days finally got in touch with me as I was coming out of daily Mass and you could hear the determination in her voice as she informed me that the issue had been resolved and that she wanted me to test it with her so I could be sure it was working to my satisfaction. I don't know how you've done it Eric, but you have assembled the most incredible team of people. From the young man who took my call to help me open my account, to the person today who worked with me to verify that all the porting was complete, your people are awesome. They're great, and that is an incredible accomplishment you should be proud of. I would love to give testimony to your product and (more importantly) your people.

Overall Ooma is great! Needs a little work with mobile app and use for small business
Wallace Wong on Mar 23, 2020
The Ooma office phone system overall is fantastic! Great quality and connection. However, I wish there was a way to have a general voice mailbox and a general fax number. Voicemail and fax is tied to a number. I have a small office with only 1-2 staff. We don't really need extensions. I found it to be a hassle to log into my staff's extension just listen to voicemail. We setup voicemail to go to my staff's extension. It's not really convenient. Also, the mobile app is great, same problem. I have to log into my staff's extension to listen to voicemail. Also, I'm not sure if this is taken care of already, but it would be nice if I can log into multiple devices simultaneously with my same extension. Why? because today's user has multiple mobile devices, tablets and other devices. I guess that would be a soft app, not mobile app. I used to be a Comcast user and your service, support, and features are definitely superior. However, their system was simple and what I needed. They had a general voicemail box queue, no extensions. I can install their mobile/soft app to all my mobile devices and a call will ring all devices. Simple and what I need for my business. Simple as they are, they even have voicemail transcription service for free. I need to upgrade to Office pro to get that feature.

It makes it much easier
Dan Stilla on Mar 23, 2020
It makes it much easier to have our hours and other information with the virtual receptionist and keeps us from having to answer phone calls for what hours we are open. - Firestorm Gear

We are extremely satisfied
Lloyd on Mar 23, 2020
We are extremely satisfied with our decision to move to Ooma Office. Not only did we save money in monthly service fees and long distance calls, we also are able to control the system on our own without having to pay an expert. Plus the setup was super easy. - Information Technology Corporation.

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