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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

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Ooma reviews from customers:

My Ooma service
Jennifer Knudson on Jul 01, 2020
I haven’t made any changes to my Ooma service, I do love that it rings to my cellphone as well as my office. If I am at my home office, I don’t miss a call. With the pandemic, I have offered curbside pick up and drop off for my tax clients. Which has worked well for keeping everyone safe.

I switched from Verizon
Sam Bradley Law on Jul 01, 2020
I switched from Verizon. Ooma is superior to the VoIP service that I had with Verizon. I am very pleased with Ooma service and will not go back to a substandard service again.

Virtual Receptionist
Steven Boms on Jul 01, 2020
The Virtual Receptionist feature saved me from having to hire someone specifically to answer phones!

Virtual receptionist
C M on Jul 01, 2020
I didn't want to have different mobile, office numbers and I needed to come off as a larger company: insert virtual receptionist. This was a bonus for me that I didn't know I was getting when I signed up - I am a small entity but it was a no-brainer because the virtual receptionist actually adds that feeling that you are dealing with a person within the company and not just a person

Quick and easy
robert mendenhall on Jul 01, 2020
The process to convert was quick and easy. Ooma's customer support worked well and for the most part there were no problems. They helped make the switch without overly complicating things.

Currently working from home
Felicia Medina on Jun 26, 2020
My business has been affected by the pandemic. We are currently working from home. The Ooma system has helped us a lot by providing great service to be in contact with our customers.

Very very happy
Hector Duenas on Jun 26, 2020
We made the switch from AT&T and yes... very very very happy I made the switch. Much better experience and more features available with Ooma. Helping tremendously! Since our office is closed to the public due to Covid-19, We use virtual receptionist every day. we use it to see who has called. We use it to fax stuff remotely. we use it to post messages on our voicemail for patients to have a status update

Features that help our business
Ashly Knapp on Jun 26, 2020
We all enjoy our virtual receptionist particularly our real receptionist. I set the voice type and words for our Virtual Receptionist. It's fun to play with and easy to change. Our callers actually enjoy and take directions from our Virtual Receptionist that save us time and money. We change the message at least once a month and usually when the seasons or the weather changes. It's easy to change from any location you have Internet. Ooma has done a great job anticipating good features that help our business run smoothly in this fast-changing world.

Makes our small business seem big
Mouin Atallah on Jun 26, 2020
Receptionist is one my top favored Ooma features because it makes our small business seem big and professional. I love the fact that we can configure the receptionist to our various needs. It makes our daily activity much easier and streamlined. Due to the pandemic we had to work from home, but we didn't have to worry about forwarding our office phone or fax lines because we installed the Ooma mobile apps. With that we were able to continue our communication with our clients as usual.

Lowered my phone bill
Teresa on Jun 26, 2020
We are hoping that June will open up income and we get back to normal. Luckily, I lowered my phone bill by switching from Vonage to Ooma late January.

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