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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

Customer Ratings

Based on 163 reviews

Ooma reviews from customers:

Highly recommend
Kerry on Dec 13, 2019
Fine, very simple and easy to use. Highly recommend the product.

Love my Ooma Office
Sharon Blonde Renditions on Dec 13, 2019
The setup and installation of Ooma Office was so simple. I am especially thrilled with the ease of setting up my voice mail and extensions. I can customize and have not run into anything that I wanted to do, but couldn't. Love my Ooma Office.

Love this phone system!!
Tina Malak on Dec 10, 2019
Definitely would recommend. Everything easily at your fingertips.

Ooma is easier to deal with
Tony on Dec 10, 2019
I switched from Verizon. Ooma is easier to deal with and gives me most of the features they had in their buggy and slow business voice application. I saved money, too!

Up and Running in Minutes
ROBERT WILLS on Dec 10, 2019
The lowest entry cost of any IP phone system. A snap to administer and set up on line. The longest time for for set up us was un-boxing the phones. After that plug n play. Great features and allows you to drop your POTS lines forever, along with the the cost associated with them. I highly recommend any business to make this change to Ooma.

Excellent for our Law Office
Tara on Dec 09, 2019
The setup and installation process of Ooma Office was fairly straight-forward. It was pretty easy to plug in our desk phone and the Ooma Office device. The app on our cell phones has gotten better with time.

I can be mobile
David on Dec 09, 2019
I really like that I can take my work phone calls from my cell and it looks like I am calling from the office.

Renato on Dec 09, 2019
Setup was easy, customer service is always great. Value is unbeatable.

I was paying Vonage way too much money!
Joseph McCombs on Dec 09, 2019
I switched to Ooma after having Vonage for 2 years! Man! I wish I would have done this a long time ago! Call quality is way better than what I experienced with Vonage!

Plug and go!
Ashley on Dec 06, 2019
Easy, really no setup needed. Kind of a plug and go system.

Choose from these bundles or use our
Build Your Own System tool.

Yealink T27G

Yealink  T27G
Comes with:
Yealink T27G IP Phone (1)

Business Phone
Starter Pack

Business Phone Starter Pack
Comes with:
  • Ooma Office Base Station (1)
  • Wireless extensions (2)
  • *Compatible with existing analog phones

Two User
IP Phone

Two user ip phone
Comes with:
Yealink T23G IP Phone (2)