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Ooma reviews from customers:

Best product out there!
Andreas Wettainen on Sep 10, 2021
Amazing phones, apps and customer service. Keep it up Ooma!

the best customer service from a phone company! Puts ATT to shame
Monty Courtney on Aug 23, 2021
I would recommend this phone system

Good features
jeff leonard on Jul 22, 2021
I like the features for this service. Good pricing too. I do have an issue. Too much static in the calls. All and all very satisfied.

Great for the 1-person business - Excellent Value for features
Arnold on Jul 07, 2021
Following COVID, my business changed dramatically and I had to downsize to just me. Since I'm providing services outside of the office, I needed to have the capability to connect with my clients and not miss calls / return voicemail (this was a problem with the previous VOIP where it was a gamble if calls forwarded to my phone). Ooma was such a better solution.User interface online: Easy to setup, use, understand. I like that the system uses text to voice for the auto attendant messages. Everything from setting up my mailbox, call forwarding, phone tree, office hours, music on-hold (provide your own) was available and did not require a call to technical support. User interface mobile: The mobile app is clean and well organized. When I receive an Ooma call to my office, it just comes to my phone as a regular phone call. I don't need to activate the app, or answer the call using it. Only drawback of this is that you won't necessarily know if it's a customer or not (I just assume that it is and answer appropriately). I believe there's a setting to change inbound caller ID to indicate it's an office call. Call quality is good and stable (no drops). Calls are just as clear as a regular phone. Only gripe is that awkward delay inherent with VOIP systems. Overall, I'm pleased with Ooma and would recommend for small businesses.

Good enough for most office needs
Rex Fernando on Jun 04, 2021
Everything about the services offered is good except the absence of text messaging. This is one big drawback

Saved our Business
MICHAEL EUGLOW on May 24, 2021
Had multiple service outages with my old carrier, Ooma fixed all that. Reliable and trustworthy.

This has been an easy experience
Autumn on May 11, 2021
Using Ooma in office was a new learning experience but so far have enjoyed the product

Still learning new things
Anna Lamer on Mar 29, 2021
It's going to take us a while to get acclimated but so far, so good especially during COVID.

So Far, Not So Good
Laura King on Mar 05, 2021
Texting problems, phones not forwarding properly, difficulty transferring calls. Overall, not impressed with OOMA. Issues took a while to fix.

Alex on Mar 05, 2021
We started off with many issues and promises made that was not being delivered, I even looked into changing to another company the first week after switching to them but eventually and after many hours on the phone I was able to get the issues resolved and now I am happy with the services I am receiving, their features are somewhat limited in certain areas such as if you want a general VM for the company or if you just want to get call recording and not the whole bundle, They do not offer certain services in a smaller package or limited capacity so the price is too high for one service in a bundle of 5 services out of which you will never use 4 of them but they managed to work something out for me and I am now happy. The default announcements voices are not of the highest quality and sounds like a digital computer voice instead of a person's voice for the virtual receptionist, other than that it is a good alternative to the higher priced competition.

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