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Upgrade to a smart business phone for only $19.95 per user/mo.

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Ooma reviews from customers:

Great for a law office
Marie L Crinnion on Oct 14, 2019
It was easy to port the number to Ooma from AT&T. Good price. More cost effective than AT&T. Good features - I like getting voice mail through my email when I am away from the office.

Rocky but Beneficial
Jamie Wilson on Oct 14, 2019
We had Comcast for our business and we were paying a huge cost in phone service. Switching to Ooma has saved the business money. It is an internet based phone service so we have found some limitations but the benefits outweigh the constraints. The biggest help is the virtual receptionist that screens all calls before they get to a human, that is my favorite feature!!

Good method for office communication
Tesla T&W Farms LLC trucking Company on Oct 03, 2019
We switched from AT&T because we had a cell phone for the office and it wasn’t a good method for office communication.

Formally with AT&T
Krystian Crab Apple Tutoring on Oct 03, 2019
I was formally with AT&T. I am so glad I made the switch to Ooma. It offers me a better user experience for my business and I cut my over 80%! I am so happy I made the change!

Switched to Ooma from Bell
Alisa Rockland Academy on Oct 03, 2019
We are saving so much money when we switched to Ooma from Bell. Better customer service, awesome service and push through to my cell phone when I'm not at my desk. Easy to port our phone number over too!

I Love It "
Maria A on Oct 03, 2019
I been experienced, a excellent service, the customer service is great !!

Very pleased
Stephen Lantz on Oct 03, 2019
I like the ease of getting started and being able to quickly learn all of the features. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a reasonably priced product while offering all the features of a more expensive line.

Suitable and affordable business VoIP
Rick Norris on Oct 02, 2019
Several years ago, while looking for a suitable and affordable business VoIP phone system for our church, I discovered Ooma. After much review of alternative systems, we opted for Ooma Business and have never regretted the decision. Our monthly expenses dropped over $100/month with no loss of functionality or features. Best of all, there’s no on site PBX to maintain and manage and there’s just one physical line to be concerned with.

Better than competitors
Johnny Lay on Oct 02, 2019
We tried both Spectrum and Vonage Business before switching to Ooma Office. Ooma Office’s rates for telephone, toll, and fax line are over 50% less than the competitors.

Switched from Spectrum
Heidi W. on Oct 02, 2019
We switched from Spectrum. It’s been the best decision, EVER! We seriously can’t say enough about Ooma Office.