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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

Customer Ratings

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Ooma reviews from customers:

The transfer went very smoothly.
Brian Devine on Jan 14, 2020
The transfer went very smoothly. The setup was easy. Customer support is excellent. I wished the YeaLink phone had a longer cord for the phone handset.

Perfect for our hospitality business
Portside Vacation on Jan 14, 2020
I had Vonage for over 10 years, I had 3 lines, 800 number, and a fax. They were charging me $98.99/month. Imagine my surprise when I met Ooma.

World Class Customer Service
Richard Cardenas on Jan 10, 2020
Ooma is a great product! But the best part about it is the people establishing the account. The representative that follows up, and makes sure you feel comfortable you made the best decision. Along with world class customer service Vas Balan did all of the above. He is the best part of your team!

Dp1 should always stay DP1 forever
D P on Jan 10, 2020
The DP1 is a great device that needs to stay with Ooma and improve on range, and fix minor bugs. Should have speech to text, texting feature built in phone with color free button, buttons could push down a little more not to comfy.

We are pleased with our Ooma office experience.
Rachel on Jan 10, 2020
Ooma has worked very well for our small office. It is easy to use, easy to administer, and was super-easy when we moved our offices this month. All we had to do was unplug and re-plug into internet at our new location. Our phone number remained the same. No need to change it with all of our contacts. We highly recommend this system.

Smart choice
Charles Zelie on Jan 06, 2020
We utilized our internet provider for our phone services. Switching to Ooma was the smart choice. It dropped our bill substantially and it was easy to set up. We have a dedicated fax line and have to use the base dock. It was as simple as they made it to be in regard of set up, but I figured it out in the end without having to call for help. Just a simple hard line network configuring to get the fax to/copy/printer to work properly. So far, we are very satisfied with the quality of the hardware and have no complaints with the service.

It was only few minutes to connect cables and my two line phone is working excellent for 3 weeks.
Ramesh Kothari on Jan 06, 2020
My line above is the review of my basic plan. I will be contacting Ooma managers to see how to set up two more remote home office locations, in January to plan and understand how Ooma expands.

Very easy to setup
Roy Schoeneman on Jan 06, 2020
Easy to get started and setup. Customer Portal is very good and offers lots of options.

Office Working without a hitch.
Jacqueline Otten on Dec 24, 2019
It was very easy to set up, with very little wait time. I would definitely refer Ooma to my friends.

Process took about 5 minutes
S E on Dec 16, 2019
Set-up was very easy, customer support assisted when I did not immediately connect. That process took about 5 minutes.

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Yealink T21P
Pack of Two

Yealink  T21P
Comes with:
Yealink T21 IP Phone (2)

Business Phone
Starter Pack

Business Phone Starter Pack
Comes with:
  • Ooma Office Base Station (1)
  • Wireless extensions (2)
  • *Compatible with existing analog phones

Front Desk
Starter Kit

Front Desk Starter Kit
Comes with:
  • Yealink T27G Receptionist Phone (1)
  • Yealink T21P IP Phone (2)