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Ooma reviews from customers:

Works great together
Allen Helbush on Oct 30, 2020
We use the Virtual Receptionist to route callers to the appropriate people/resources quickly. When combined with the "Ring Groups," staff does felt they always have to answer the phone because their number was the first in line, now the group is responsible for answering the phone. Additionally, with Shelter in Place, staff may or may not be in the office. The two functions work great together.

Easy installation and great customer service
Alisha Gallini on Oct 30, 2020
It’s a good, easy to use, affordable phone system that meets our church’s needs perfectly!

Help us be more efficient
Marlene M on Oct 28, 2020
The Ooma Office Virtual Receptionist helps us manage and re-direct phone calls so that one group can focus on booking appointments while the other can focus on customer care. We receive over 200 phone calls per phone number daily. The Virtual Receptionists we set up really does decrease/split up the number of calls that all came through to one person to re-direct or answer. Ooma Office Virtual Receptionists help us be more efficient, focused and truly put our customer first.

WiFi calling is crystal clear
Geno Sabre on Oct 28, 2020
We use Ooma Office so we can forward to our cell phones. It has a different, distinct ring so we know we are never missing a business call, no matter where we may be. The WiFi calling is crystal clear and for as long as I've used it, there has never once been an issue.

Mobile app
Mark Manalo on Oct 28, 2020
The mobile app is allowing our office staff to remain safe while still being available to our customers.

Customers prefer the new phone
James Johnson on Oct 28, 2020
With clients we are using our Ooma Office to allow customers to communicate with us in ways we haven't done before. Utilizing the Ooma Office phone tree, users can navigate to the information and customer service they need when traditionally that was done face to face. Many of our customers have said they prefer the new phone options.

Looks like the call comes from office
Brad on Oct 28, 2020
By setting up a customer database and keeping in touch with my customers. It also allows me to setup individual employees with the app, this gives my employees the ability to call my customers and it looks like the call comes from head office.

Small seasonal non-profit
Mata Agre on Oct 22, 2020
We are a small seasonal non-profit that is in the recreation industry. Ooma lets us work from home during the off-season and still stay current with our communication.

Working at home
Karen Patton on Oct 22, 2020
Some of us have worked at home during the COVID-19 ordeal. We all have the Ooma app on our cell phones making office calls in and out go smoothly while not having to give out our personal cell phone number when working from home.

Desktop app
Michele Freel on Oct 22, 2020
We have set up the desktop app to route inbound calls, created ring groups and incoming call message

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