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Ooma reviews from customers:

Great value with even better customer service and technical support
Jeff Clark on Feb 24, 2021
While I was pleased with the feature set and cost of the Ooma product line, I think the best part of my experience is with the customer service team. They have been easy to reach and the quality of the help is better than most. The team seems to be committed to the customer's satisfaction. Team members truly take ownership of any issue and see it through until resolution.

Overall a great system, but lacking features.
Jeff Willis on Feb 19, 2021
Ooma makes a great basic small business phone system. Very easy to implement and manage. It is perfect for the remote worker. We just gave each remote worker a phone, and they instantly became part of the office phone system. The call quality is excellent. Ooma is missing some features that their competitors offer, preventing them from becoming anything other than a system for very small businesses or sole proprietors. Missing are hunt groups, call rollover, and the ability to have a phone with multiple numbers and have each of those numbers ring on that phone. These missing features are essential for an office with multiple numbers and a receptionist. Ooma tries to use ‘ring groups’ to overcome this, but that does not replace the missing features. For anything other than a very small business, I would suggest evaluating other providers.

James Lee on Feb 17, 2021
Love service ad would recommend

Excellent service, answers were explained in detail
Mary Thomas on Feb 11, 2021

Give Andrea a Raise
Kyle Thalman on Feb 11, 2021
This service is awesome! My Rep Andrea should get a raise. She helped me set things up and pointed me to the right videos and is just a great person. I am finally getting calls into my business after switching to Ooma and I'm thinking I've lost thousands of dollars worth of business from missing calls from my last phone service provider. Ooma all the way!!!-Coach Kyle

Best recent upgrade for my business!
Chris H on Feb 11, 2021
Hands down the best upgrade to my office equipment. I upgraded from an old pbx system and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. The amazing convenience, simplicity coupled with the high tech and low cost of the system is amazing. Ooma has impressed me every step of the way, from the initial sale, to the installation, and any tech issues. If you are still using a pbx system do your business a favor and call Ooma.

Just what I needed
Noe Pro on Feb 09, 2021
Perfect and would recommend ooma

Beyond Expectations!
James Curtin on Feb 03, 2021
First, my company was coming from old copper wire phones. I knew nothing of VoIP phones. If it weren't for salesperson extraordinaire Olivia Sanchez, we'd still be paying for old copper lines. She went above and beyond to help tailor a system we needed and took the extra time to explain everything about VoIP phones. At times, I would have hung up on myself with all my questions! But, she didn't and I'm extremely thankful for her efforts. The Ooma system she put together works exactly as she said it would. I had explored many different phone companies and none could come close to Ooma. Their system is fool-proof and beyond affordable. I highly recommend Ooma to anyone that is looking for a no nonsense, bullet proof system that works! The one time I needed help from support was great! They helped me correct my mistake and the system ran and runs smoothly! The true definition of plug and play! Thank you Olivia and thank you Ooma!!!

Cathy Houston on Feb 03, 2021
These phones are great. We have the ability to not only not dial a 9 before we enter a phone number but our voice mails go directly into our email. The quality is great and the phones are user friendly.

Ooma Office - Bonne expérience
Jocelyn Bergeron on Feb 03, 2021
J'ai démarré mon entreprise avec Ooma Office en 2014, je recherchais une ligne IP bon marché, meilleure marché que ce que Bell et Vidéotron offraient. Je me suis laissé tenter par Ooma qui répondait à mes besoins. Encore aujourd'hui en 2020 je continue d'utiliser et d'aimer les services de Ooma Office. Il y'a eu quelques pépins ici et là, mais la majorité a été réglée dans la même journée.

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