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Customer reviews of
Ooma Office.

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Ooma Yealink T48S with PCMag Logo

Ooma reviews from customers:

Very happy we switched
Morten Merrild on Sep 17, 2020
We left AT&T. We are very happy we switched. there was no hiccup in the service, and the costs have decreased dramatically. Very happy we made the switch. The setup and installation was very quick and simple. The instructions were great and the service was of great assistance when we couldn't figure it out.

Love mobile app
Sonal Patel on Sep 17, 2020
I have used Mobile App for Ooma. I love it! It helps me stay connected. Even if I am making a call remotely, client doesn't know that. I stay connected to my business. Switched from ATT and I am so glad that I did that. Saving loads of money.

Helps me stay organized
Hussein Manji on Sep 17, 2020
The virtual receptionist is so convenient and helps me stay organized while conveying the required information to my clients. Thank you.

Helps streamline the process
Aaron Hynes on Sep 17, 2020
I like that the voice is clear and understandable in the virtual receptionist. It almost seems live, and it helps streamline the process of our clients getting to the correct representative. All while saving overall cost. Our sales agents are using their mobile app features to dial from home due to the coronavirus. I am using the desktop app as a soft phone to make calls.

I like that I get an announcement that it's an Ooma office call
Susan on Sep 11, 2020
Went to offering all my yoga/taichi classes online since NC shut down gyms and yoga studios. I teach from home, which has saved on commuting costs. All my business calls are ringing to my cell phone so I can still field inquiries. I like that I get an announcement that it's an Ooma office call so I know it came from my business number. The texting feature is allowing me to keep in contact with my members.

Great service, much better than its competitor which I was using before.
Marc on Sep 11, 2020
Set-up was quick and painless and number port was super quick!Quality of call is good but not perfect. Calls sometime drop or I get an echo of myself talking. Much better than the competitor though. Some of the features are tricky to set-up but once figured out; it works like a charm.OOMA takes care of all my phone needs and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to any small business owner.Affordable service which you can carry around in your pocket as an App on your Mobile Device.Thank you OOMA!

Super happy with Ooma Office
Scott Henderson on Sep 11, 2020
Super happy with Ooma Office. Switched from 8x8. The change not only saved us money and meets needs better, but Ooma has several features that weren't easily usable in 8x8. I use the desktop app to route inbound calls to three different businesses, set it to ring at all locations simultaneously including my cell phone. That way if I'm away from the office on errands or shopping I can still receive or make important calls. I also have an 800 number that is used or one of the businesses. Two features that I haven't used yet but will be using are virtual fax and the music on hold feature, which we will be using creatively to let people know about our businesses.

We chose Ooma for remote working
Crystal on Sep 11, 2020
Setup was quite simple - I had my IT guy do it. In all seriousness, our IT specifically recommended Ooma over other VOIP services with one of the reasons being how easy the setup & install was. Fortunately I built my business on the idea of working remote with clients so having staff working from home was an easy transition. One of the main reasons we chose Ooma Office was for remote working purposes so there was little change to our setup since we already utilize the mobile app and call forwarding to our mobile devices.

Ooma is crystal clear and very reliable
Marwan Al Kinj on Sep 10, 2020
We switched from Vonage- way more expensive and not as reliable. Ooma is crystal clear and very reliable especially with the call forwarding feature, no calls are missed anymore.

Easy set up
Jolene Aubel on Sep 10, 2020
If I can set it up, anyone can!

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