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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Ooma Home is a complete smart home security system that links to your existing Ooma Telo. After you download and install the Ooma Home mobile app to your iOS or Android device and pair one or more of the wireless sensors, you can install sensors throughout your house and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will receive alerts whenever unexpected activity occurs. [...]

  2. Ooma Home connects your wireless sensors to Ooma Telo using DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology. This connection is way less power-hungry than a traditional Wi-Fi connection, which means your hardware accessories have an estimated battery life of up to 2 years. This method is also much more secure since the connection does not have an IP address that can be used outside of your network. [...]

  3. A wireless home security system like Ooma Home uses a combination of wireless sensors, security cameras and your iOS or Android device to provide home security and monitoring throughout your home. This setup makes home security affordable and flexible. Here's how it works:  Choose where you want to place your sensors/cameras based on your specific home plan and needs.  Pair your cameras and sensors with the Ooma Home Security ap [...]

  4. The Ooma Home security mobile app (available on iOS and Android) is synced to your Ooma Telo so that you can pair and manage your sensors and account settings from anywhere. Multiple users in your home can also be logged into your Ooma Home wecurity app with the Secure Plan. Pairing sensors is easy through the “+Add Sensor” button. You can see all the sensors in your system on the dashboard and control your home security plan by: [...]

  5. There are several sensors you can use in the Ooma Home security system, depending on your home’s size and configuration. Here are the sensors that you can include in your home security plan: Motion Sensor Garage Door Sensor Door and Window Sensor Water Sensor Using the most updated Ooma hardware, users can install up to 35 sensors in their home. After the sensors are installed, they are paired and managed through you [...]

  6. Ooma Home is configured and managed using your Ooma Telo, Ooma wireless security sensors, and the Ooma Home mobile app for iOS or Android devices. Once you have the app installed, you can configure your sensors depending on the package you purchased. Ooma Home sensors include: Door and window sensor Water sensor Motion sensor Garage door sensor Here is a video that walks you through the easy do-it-yourself Ooma Home Secur [...]


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