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Gain caller info. insights before you even pick up the phone.

Caller Info Match is a supercharged caller ID for calls you receive, as well as calls you make. View a full profile gathered from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, social media or a search engine.

See which callers are customers and pull up past interactions.

Spend less time asking for info that’s readily available.

Create follow-up tasks in your CRM before you get distracted by another call.

Don’t have a CRM system? Pull info from LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.

Supported CRM tools include Salesforce, ServiceNow, Hubspot and Zoho. Caller Match also has an option for custom integration with other CRM platforms.

Businesses without CRM tools can connect Caller Match with LinkedIn or Facebook to pull up public profiles of callers.

Or Caller Information Matching can use Google Chrome to find information about callers from their phone number.

How to get Caller Info Match

Caller Match is one of the many world-class features available in Ooma Enterprise. Want to learn more? Request a free consultation. Call 877-345-8847.