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Owner since ‘09
Brian Park on Aug 21, 2019
Love this thing. Owner since 2009. Never had issue with device, still the original one. 10 years and counting without a home phone bill.. Priceless!!

Richard PECORELLI on Aug 21, 2019
I am a new customer and this is my first experience with Ooma, however I am very satisfied with the product. I plan to try other products in the future.

Missed My Landline
Brian on Aug 21, 2019
I'm was tired of my lagging cell service, so I tried the Ooma hoping it would be a better experience. So far so good. No more noticable lag and I have my landline back.

My Ooma experience
John Dube on Aug 21, 2019
Have had Ooma for about a month now. I was under the impression that I could port my current # to Ooma. I can't do it for my area, which is very disappointing. I am going to keep them because they may eventually cover my area for porting. There are many positive things I can say is the good clarity of sound, They filter robo-calls quite well and allow me to call anywhere in the US and talk as long as I want for free! I do highly recommend Ooma.

Great value
Jill on Aug 21, 2019
I'm only a few months in but I'm very happy with the service. My only negative is there is a few second delay when I call comes in. I pause for 2-3 seconds before saying 'hello' or the caller doesn't hear me. Also, I've not been able to figure out how to set the number of rings before the call goes to voice mail. Good quality. Great features. Recommended.

Pleasantly surprised
ROBERTA PETROCCI on Aug 21, 2019
I am happy overall. The only problem I have is when someone leaves a message it is hard to understand as the sound is not clear. Fortunately I do not get many messages. It is wonderful saving so much on phone service, so that part is great and the actual phone conversations are as good as a regular landline for which I would be spending a lot more. This costs me $4.79 per month. So it is just the message clarity that is not good.

Ooma is great!
Archie on Aug 21, 2019
Ooma equipment has worked great for me and being able to view the information and features on line with a low monthly fee how can you go wrong! Ooma customer service has always been there to assist and answer any questions that I have. Being able to keep my old phone number with Ooma and add an additional phone number was an added feature.

Awesome Saving
Pat R on Aug 21, 2019
Quality and dependability as good as local server. BUT the cost is $5.32 (taxes/fees only) versus $33.65 plus taxes & fees from local service without any add-ons, like caller ID. You cannot beat that kind of savings since their monthly service is actually free. I did office-type work for a new non-profit 6-7 years ago. We needed to set up a telephone service and with a really tight budget I decided to see what other options were 'out there'. In searching VoIPs I found Ooma was so much cheaper than any other service once we bought their Telo device. We had a donor who would purchase the device(s), I set them up and it has been the best service and easy on the budget. So when I decided to change over at home, it was a no-brainer.

Dale Horton on Aug 21, 2019
Easy enough to install, even for the technically challenged as myself. Have had no issues with the services of the equipment. Very satisfied with the overall performance.

We're loving our Ooma.
Betty Carpenter on Aug 21, 2019
We have found the quality to be great and are so glad to be able to use our existing phone. Getting out of the high monthly charge is a definite plus.