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Ooma reviews from customers:

Great product, great price
John on Mar 20, 2019
After changing internet providers from AT&T DSL to Cox High Speed Internet Ooma has been great! I have been able to cancel my AT&T home phone service. My favorite Ooma feature is the “Do Not Disturb”, it makes Ooma Premier worth the extra cost.

Going fine!
Karen on Mar 20, 2019
Once we got a few problems worked out, mainly that I should have bought directly from OOMA, it works very well. Love the phone bill and actually like the appearance of the device!

Great product
Rich Beskosty on Mar 20, 2019
More features with this than we had with Xfinity. Just the ability to load your contacts to the site and set it up so that no one not listed gets through. No more annoying robo calls!! Easiest set up I’ve ever been through.

Great way to keep your home phone #
Steven P on Mar 20, 2019
Depending on your age you may have had a home phone number for many years along with a cell phone. We went the route if OOMA for a number of reasons, most of which was an extremely cost effective solution to hold onto that home phone number. OOMA marketing did a great job with their marketing ads. After a ridiculous amount of research I felt it was time to take one more thing away from "big cable" and jump into the world of OOMA. Setting up was a breeze as was porting of the number. We vcd really love the ability to have multiple lines.

OOMA Small Business a Hit
Greg Games on Mar 20, 2019
Our experience with Ooma has been very positive. Our phones were shipped to us promptly and they're nice phones. Also, we have features we never had before like: Call logging Text-to voice Auto Attendant greetings Voicemail transcription to email Enhanced Caller ID that displays name also Conference bridge Individual fax numbers I unpacked and installed all ten phones in less than an hour. We were up and running immediately. Helpdesk assisted with getting me started on the auto attendant, but the interface is so simple, I was off with very little coaching. There is also an iOS and Droid app for Ooma Office. It's the grey one in the app store. Like having your office line on your cell phone without clumsy forwarding schemes or sharing your personal cell Most of those features are add-ons with the other VoIP providers. Ooma includes it all for a flat price. Billing is simple. We paid about $300 a month to ATT for three lines, and we own a Norstar. We pay about $200 a month to Ooma and the Nortel box is just a boat anchor now. Configure auto attendant, user VM, extension features, etc through web interface that's simple and easy to navigate. Accomplish changes quickly from anywhere. Ooma is a smaller company and has been offering business class VoIP for a few years. The size of the company enables Ooma to be very responsive. Ooma offers 7x24 telephone support. And the help Desk agents are professional and polite with quick answers. We are very satisfied

For now I’m happy but is been not even a month
Milena Fitzpatrick on Mar 20, 2019
Looks good I m happy

Fewer Calls
Dennis Rau on Mar 20, 2019
Oona premium has really helped to reduce the number of sales calls. Silence is golden. Hopefully a solution is on the horizon for those callers using a fake CID.

So Glad I Purchased This Product
Julie Anne on Mar 19, 2019
Thanks Ooma for building a quality product that works well in our rather remote location in the mountains, where cell service and TV reception is often spotty, and land lines are costly. The affordability is greatly appreciated since we live on retirement income.

Wonderful Service Product
George Thoppil on Mar 19, 2019
Absolutely love the quality and service of the Ooma Telephone. Well recommended.

Excellent VOIP System
John on Mar 19, 2019
Easy Install! Great choice of local numbers! Great Clarity!


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