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Ooma reviews from customers:

Part of cutting the cable
john lockner on Jun 17, 2019
I'm retired and on a fixed income so I try to cut costs but not quality of life. OOMA has given my wife and me great phone service at minimal cost. I buy internet access only.

Excellent System for the price
Michael Zigarelli on Jun 17, 2019
We change from verizon land line which we had for 30+ years to OOMA and it is a very good system The only issue so far is that there is an ECHO on some calls and the party on the other end says that we are cutting in and out. It we can fix that the system would be perfect.

Would be great if "enhanced call id" was included.
Ken on Jun 17, 2019
Overall, I am fairly satisfied with this product. Set up was easy, the port was much faster thant stated. I was a little disappointed in the connection with Alexa. initially I thought Alexa would actually dial and connect and I could talk via Alexa. That is not the case, you can initiate the call, but then need to pick up the handset to complete. I am very disappointed in the caller id "feature" with basic package. It gives you the phone number, but in most cases that is not very helpful. The "name" of the caller is only available with the premier version. I think displaying the name is pretty standard for all caller ID applications, and it is the only "premier" feature I am interested in. I don't want to pay and additionl $10 a month for such a basic feature.

Good value, very good voice clarity, and ease of setup
Jim Galasso on Jun 17, 2019
What I like: One-time fee for device & ease of set up. Very good voice quality if there is a strong Wi-Fi signal. What I don't like: One-time fee for the Ooma device is not w/o qualification. I understand that Ooma has no control over monthly taxes. But Ooma charges both monthly "Taxes and Fees" with Ooma setting and changing "Fees" at its discretion w/o itemization or even separation from "Taxes." Vonage's ever increasing monthly "Taxes and Fees" to where its "Taxes and Fees" were greater than Vonage's monthly charges for "Non-Taxes and Fees" is what made me switch to Ooma. Hopefully, Ooma does not play the same game going forward w/ "Taxes and Fees." I also do not like that Ooma requires an upgrade at significantly increased cost for its "Premier" services that includes certain services that I believe should be included in its "Basic" services. In particular, "Basic" does not include traditional Caller ID for other than your defined Contacts (what could be more Basic?) and does not include the ability to export voice mail to an email account. I have no need or desire for the dozens of other services included in "Premier." I suggest that Ooma let a Basic subscriber select two or three services currently available only to "Premier" subscribers for either no charge or, perhaps, a one-time fee. I would love to see a general crusade against monthly fees as our world continues to evolve to point where you never actually own anything.

Reliable service, great value, but too many spam calls
Paul on Jun 17, 2019
I am happy with the service. However despite using the spam call filter, I still get many such calls.

Voice mail
Pamela Hilborn on Jun 17, 2019
The phone mess says my cm is full? Phone says 0, mess. Thank you Pamela

Good but high costs initially
Chad Cole on Jun 12, 2019
So far I have only used it twice but service has been good. I think that the initial cost to start service was very high & not really stated before you purchase the equipment. At least if you want to keep your existing number.

Mediocre Quality, Poor Customer Service
Terese Loeb Kreuzer on Jun 12, 2019
I have tried to use Ooma's customer service on several occasions and have found it to be very poor. The customer service reps with whom I was connected seemed to be in the Philippines (at least that's what one of them told me when I asked). I had difficulty understanding them because of their accents and because the connection was so bad. In one case, I just hung up because I wasn't getting anywhere. My old phone number has been ported over to Ooma, and that went all right, but I am having problems getting the two Ooma phone numbers that I now have connected to two different hand sets, which is what I want. I think there's no point in even trying to get someone at Ooma to help me with this. No one that I've spoken to in customer service seems to be knowledgeable. Also, the sound quality on the Ooma handsets is far inferior to the sound quality on the Motorola handset that I had been using for years.

Very Pleased with My Ooma!
Lucy Parker on Jun 12, 2019
My AT&T landline had stopped working, and I paid $79.99 for my Ooma Telo VOIP system from Amazon. (It was $20 more at a local retail store.) When the AT&T technician came out, he had advised me that repairing the lines inside my house would be expensive and he actually suggested I get a VOIP system. The unit was easy to set up and I had it operating in about 15 minutes. I had a set of 6 Panasonic wireless phones connected to my old landline throughout my house and they all work well with the base unit phone connected to Ooma at my desk near my modem and router. Following Ooma's instructions, I was able to change my AT&T land line number to Ooma in about three days, although Ooma said it might take 3-4 weeks. I have not yet taken advantage of Ooma's voicemail or any other features offered in the lowest-cost service because I'm still using the message recording system in my Panasonic base phone which answers after a bunch of rings. (I had a little trouble getting Ooma's voicemail to stop answering too soon but finally figured it out.) It looks as though my monthly charges will be under $5 and I can call anywhere in the US. Previously, I was paying AT&T $40 a month and could not make ANY long-distance calls. The caller ID window in my Panasonic phones also works with Ooma. So far, I am a very happy camper!

Works as advertised
KC Garrigan on Jun 12, 2019
Very easy to set up. It just works. I like Ooma VOIP and am satisfied with excellent experience converting from an overpriced landline. Friends recommended Ooma to me, now I recommend it to others.