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Valmont Martin on Nov 19, 2019
Cost reduction and yes i would recommand OOMA.

Karen on Nov 19, 2019
Would definitely recommend Ooma telo! No problems, great connection. We had Time Warner internet phone and thought it was ridiculous to pay 20-30$ a month once we found Ooma. I had to call 911 because of a fire at neighbors. Worked perfect, sent me a text on my mobile documenting the call. Glad we made the switch!

Quicker than expected.
Robert Jones on Nov 11, 2019
So for the cost of a Ooma VOIP device I was able to begin the process of removing myself from the normal telephone provider who over the years have constantly raised prices and put their loyal customers in a position whereby they bundle services only to realize they can never get back to cheap. They give the newer customers the cheap prices. It didn't save me but $2.00 dollars because I was already being heavily discounted or so they make you think. But the price for a home phone, internet, and basic TV should never be over $200.00. So I was being discounted the cost of the landline. Thus no landline, no lowering of price. So Ooma more than anything helped me continue the cord cutting I started recently when I got rid of Direct TV which has the same philosophy. The Ooma phone works with my current phones and is not that far from sounding as good as my fiber optics. Plus it offers more features than the phone company especially when it comes to robo calls and call blocking those numbers. An added bonus is it works with Alexa and can therefore have Alexa make phone call when asked including 911. Also with Alexa it announces callers so you can determine if you want to answer. You can set it up to only allow callers from a contact list. That's more potential callers than anyone would ever have. You can keep the same phone number you had with your previous carrier. The porting process was not long. One week for me. They kept me in the loop the entire time. I would recommend.

Exactley what we needed and at the right price
John Robertson on Nov 11, 2019
We are snowbirds to spend our winters in Arizona from Canada. One of the biggest issues we have always had is our friends and family had to pay long distance charges when calling us and us when calling back home. The ooma service has sure taken care of that problem and so far while using the service it has been flawless. texting ability would be nice one day.

PAUL BYRON on Nov 05, 2019
Everything has been so easy. Unbelievably easy to set up.

Great phone system and much less expense than my previous cable company
Robert Casagrande on Nov 05, 2019
So far so good. We have had the new system for about a month and have had no issues. There are a couple of things we are still getting used to like hearing a dial tone after a call that we decided not to answer (telemarketers). Not sure if this is an issue with my installation or just the way it works but it's different. Love the cost and was very happy to say goodbye to my cable company with the exception of their internet service which has no competition in my area so we are stuck with them. If your looking to cut the cable but want a reliable land line service this is the way to go.

Great customer service!
Suzan on Nov 05, 2019
I was having problems with dropped calls......not anymore. Kim, in customer service went above and beyond to make sure that the problem was fixed. Very happy with the Ooma product, and the quality of their customer service. I recommend this company and product to everyone!

Inexpensive Voice over IP
Ginny on Nov 05, 2019
Love the Ooma Telo. It was easy to set up and worked right away. We have two systems as we have two houses. At one house we don't have the Ooma phones, but thought I'd try them at our new location. However, don't like the Ooma phones as much- the 1 button doesn't always work to activate voice mail and has to be pressed repeatedly. The phone doesn't light up and has small buttons, so is very hard for my husband to use especially at night.

No more telemarketing or robocalls!
Donna McClellan on Oct 31, 2019
I love that I don't have 5 to 6 robocalls daily. Also it's great to have a reasonably priced phone service that has more features for less money than the service I used before.

Ooma is the right communication solution
Joseph Skaf on Oct 31, 2019
Simple to use, trouble free and has all what I need especially when traveling, I won't miss calls or messages .