Backup internet service keeps your business going during outages.

DSL, Ethernet, Satellite – none are outage-proof. To minimize lost productivity, lost calls, POS transactions and more, you need a reliable back-up internet connection.


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Did you know small businesses in the U.S. will suffer over $40 Billion in lost productivity due to internet outages in 2020?* Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, accounting firm, or other type of business, you need Ooma Connect to provide reliable wireless LTE back-up Internet.

Stay up and running.

If you have a primary internet connection you’re happy with, keep it. During outages, Ooma Connect will make sure you can continue to process online credit card payments and access your cloud apps and email.

Keep calls coming in.

If your business has high call volumes and you rely on it to talk with clients or take orders, Ooma Connect can ensure those calls keep coming in, and you can keep dialing out. […learn more]

Simple setup.

Just mount the Ooma Connect adapter to a wall or window, and connect it to the Ooma Connect base station. Then you’re ready to use a reliable, LTE advanced internet connection.

Monthly Service Rates

Internet Backup Unlimited Unlimited Pro
Service Cost Per Month $29.99 $99.99 $199.99
Hardware Cost Per Month $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract
Suggested Use Case Internet Backup Backup or Primary Internet Primary Internet
Data Allowance 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
Overage Costs $9.99 per GB $0 $0
Speed Up to 75 Mbps Up to 15 Mbps Up to 75 Mbps
Video Supported Supported Speeds limited to 2 simultaneous HD stream
Actual speeds may vary and may be reduced if usage exceeds 50GB per month. Streaming video speeds defaulted to 500kbps. Actual speeds may vary and may be reduced if usage exceeds 125GB per month. Streaming video speed defaulted to 2Mbps.


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Buy Online

Online purchasing bundles Ooma Connect with Ooma Office. You can select 1 or more users for Ooma Office and each is $19.95 monthly. Additionally, Ooma Connect hardware is charged at full retail cost. The rental option is not yet available online.

Setup is simple and easy.

Setup - step 1

Step 1

Mount the adapter to a window or wall.

Setup - step 2

Step 2

Connect the adapter to the Ooma Connect Base Station.

Setup - step 3

Step 3

Plug your phone or devices into the base station.

More about Ooma Connect:

Ooma Office Brochure

Ooma Connect Brochure

This two-page brochure provides key information about Ooma Connect, including benefits and specifications.

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SMB Internet Outage Impact Report

Conducted by Independence Research, this report analyzes the impact of internet outages on SMBs.


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