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The nature of work is changing. For many work is no longer a place, but a job that can be done from almost anywhere. Ooma Enterprise virtual office solutions are in high demand so workers can maintain business continuity and productivity from home, satellite offices, or other locations.

5 benefits of enabling a remote workforce:

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Improves employee morale and retention.

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Allows companies to hire the best workers, regardless of location.

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Reduces real estate costs for employers, and reduces commute costs for employees.

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Maintains business continuity and increases team productivity.

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Provides benefits beyond enterprise communications, like reducing traffic and
minimizing carbon emissions.


Learn how enabling remote workers helps your business stay competitive.

  • Two thirds of managers report that employees who work from home are more productive and more satisfied.
  • Allowing team members to work remotely 50% of the time can save employers $11,000+ per worker per year.
  • Collectively, that’s $44 billion in savings per year.

5 ways Ooma Enterprise enables your remote workforce:

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  • Allows remote workers to use their corporate office system almost anywhere. They can enjoy four-digit dialing, call transfer, conferencing, call recording, and all the other enterprise phone system features that are available on their business IP desk phone.
  • The Ooma Enterprise app is a mobile VoIP solution that enables your smartphone to act as an enterprise phone. Take and make business calls without ever sharing your personal cell phone number and get all the enterprise-grade business phone features you need.
  • The Ooma Enterprise app enables IM, chat and presence to seamlessly integrate mobile workers with the rest of the team.
  • Workers can easily set up pre-provisioned IP desk phones in their homes or use the Ooma Enterprise desktop app and softphone to manage calls on their smartphones or computer.
  • Our open APIs enable integration with popular CRM systems and other popular SaaS solutions, and remote workers get the benefits of these integrations, such as business process automation, when working at home or at the office.
remote workforce

To learn more about how Ooma Enterprise can enable your remote workers, enhance their productivity and satisfaction, and save money for you and your team members.

Give us a call. We’re here to help! 877-353-5185