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Deliver a Great Customer Service Experience with Ooma’s Cloud Call Center Solution


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Your call center is the hub for critical customer interactions, and Ooma Enterprise can play a major role in providing an unparalleled customer experience that improves loyalty and revenue.

Customer service challenges – solved.

Providing a world-class experience for every caller while efficiently managing resources and minimizing agent churn is no easy feat. Here are some of the specific challenges that customers faced before switching to Ooma:

  • Difficulty Planning Staffing No real time reporting tools to help plan for peak call times and keep wait time low without wasting resources.
  • Poor Quality Control and Coaching Manager analytics and reporting tools along with call recording were not readily available or prioritized.
  • Lack of Integration Traditional on-premise call center solutions don’t work with other business applications like a CRM, customer support ticketing, billing, and payment processing.
  • Difficulty Enlisting Employees Outside Peak Hours It wasn’t possible for an agent to IM another team member for an answer to a customer on the line. Additional staff can’t field call center questions when call volumes are high.
  • Real Time Reports Not Available in the cloud, for immediate access / analysis or agent coaching.
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How Ooma Enterprise call center improves customer experience.

Ooma Enterprise provides a complete, easy-to-manage, and effective cloud call center solution that supports your agents and customers with a smooth, positive experience.

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  • Our hosted call center and cloud-based business communications systems are integrated. Any employee can log into a queue and take calls when volumes are high. This allows the team to handle peak hours or occasional spikes without wasting resources on standby.
  • Our cloud call center solution includes built-in call recording and agent scoring to measure and manage agent performance. The Barge and Whisper features of our cloud PBX can be used for hands-on coaching and training.
  • We provide CRM integration to unify your call center software with the applications that run your business. Calls can be automatically logged into applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and agents can click CRM records to dial, which saves time.
  • Our VoIP call center solution has easy-to-use dashboards, including “MyDay” so agents can review and optimize their resolution time and overall performance. Call center managers can analyze real-time activity and coach agents to enhance productivity. Additional online reports provide insight into overall contact center activity and metrics for management updates.
  • The Ooma Enterprise call center solution is managed in the cloud, so you get automatic updates and your IT team can focus on strategic priorities rather than implementation or maintenance.
  • Remote agents can use the same system from their home office as your corporate HQ or call center office, so you can hire the best agents, not just the closest.
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If you are interested in learning more about how a hosted call center solution might help enhance your service experience, please let us know. Even if you don’t select Ooma Enterprise, you’ll gain valuable insight into what you should look for in a contact center solution.

Learn how Ooma’s cloud call center solution will enhance your customer service experience, improve satisfaction, and drive business growth.

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