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Ooma Enterprise Business Video Conferencing

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Exceptional video conferencing experiences for the connected workplace.

The Ooma Enterprise business video conferencing platform enhances collaboration no matter how your team chooses to communicate. Whether it’s a quick video chat or a mission-critical company meeting across multiple locations, we’ve got you covered.

Our solution has an easy-to-use interface built to deliver more meaningful face-to-face conversations. With Ooma UCaaS, you can count on outstanding video and voice quality.

One-to-one video conferencing solutions

How people work has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. These days, more employees are working from home, and some offices are entirely virtual. While we have a variety of apps and devices to keep us connected from anywhere, the human experience of a face-to-face conversation is still critical to better collaboration in business.

Ooma Enterprise’s one-to-one video chat helps your team members enhance productivity, collaboration, and engagement. Video calling between individual users is easy. With a video-enabled phone, softphone, or mobile application, 1:1 video calls are just as simple as audio conferencing calls.

Our desktop application allows you to easily engage with others via video without the pain of trying to figure out the best solution to facilitate a video call.

We offer complete video conferencing capabilities on your favorite browser using leading WebRTC technology.

Video conferencing

Research leaves little doubt that visual experiences are superior to audio-only ones. Video conferencing is more engaging and immersive, leading to better understanding, deeper relationships, and greater trust.

Whether you’re meeting with team members, engaging with customers, or introducing your company to new prospects, Ooma Enterprise features let you get face-to-face without the need for expensive third-party solutions. Our platform provides full video conferencing with multiple participants across desktop, mobile, and web browsers. For a high-quality experience, Ooma Enterprise is bandwidth-optimized for HD.

Easily bring multiple participants together using desktop or mobile cameras.

Modify conference layout effortlessly to adapt to the ideal environment.

Permit or restrict participants, allow guests, and control permissions.

Enabled for private or group chat.

Our solution for desktop, mobile and web browsers gives you the highest quality business video conferencing and audio. With an experience designed to create strong connections, you can be sure your team will love our video-enabled unified communications platform.

Get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t using Ooma’s custom-built communications platform.