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Support hybrid work with Hot Desking.


Hot desking (sometimes called hoteling) has become very popular because more than one worker can share a desk on different days or shifts.

The advantages of hot desking:

Minimizes wasted space

Saves money

Enables flexibility

Easy to use and manage

Helps reduce your carbon footprint

How it works

How it works.

With hot desking, workers can sit at any desk in the office and have a personalized user experience. All they need to do is log in to their user profile on the device or phone stationed there.

Employee Flexibility

Employees value flexibility.

With hot desking, employees never skip a beat whether they are in the HQ office, working from home, or from geographically dispersed offices. They can even choose different days and split shifts to support work/life balance.

Hotdesking for Enterprise

Hot desking for enterprise companies.

Agility is key when growing your team and scaling your business—and hot desking gives you the flexibility to employ remote workers without a major upfront investment. You can bring on the right talent, regardless of their location.

Perfect for call centers.

Perfect for call centers.

Hot desking allows agents to come into an office, sit down at a hoteling desk, and login so their profile is tied to the device for making and taking calls. Perfect for round-the-clock services with numerous people and shifts.

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