Ooma Telo device - top view.

The Ooma Keypad is your gatekeeper at home.

Want to give your house cleaner or a visiting friend entry to your home? Our keypad makes it easy to give people their own unique PIN codes.


Ooma Keypad Key Details

  • Supports five unique PIN codes for multiple users.
  • Includes panic button to sound Ooma Sirens.
  • Comes with mounting kit for easy, do-it-yourself installation.
  • Pairs wirelessly with (and requires) Ooma Telo base station.
  • Works with the Ooma Smart Security mobile app.
  • Includes one-year battery life and one-year limited warranty

Keypad FAQs

What is the battery life of Keypad?
How many pin codes can I create?
When do pin codes expire?
How do I cancel a pin code entry?
How can I switch modes using the Keypad?
How many emergency contacts can I have?
How long are Keypad’s entry and exit times?
Why do I need a Keypad?
Can the Keypad be plugged in?
How do I install the Keypad?
How do I pair the Keypad?
How do I re-pair the Keypad if pairing fails?
What comes with the Keypad?
Can I mount the Keypad outdoors?


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