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Call Recording for Ooma Office Pro

The ability to play back phone calls can be important for businesses, whether it’s to train sales staff or to play back a client’s call for note-taking accuracy. With Ooma Office Pro, call recording is simple, easy and powerful.


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Record your way.

Ooma Office Pro allows you to record the way that’s best for your business. Persistent Call Recording can record all calls automatically, allowing you to easily review your sales staff’s calls for training purposes.

On-Demand Recording, on the other hand, will only record when you activate it. So if you’re a lawyer who is having a phone call with a client you can easily record the call to maintain your records and make sure all your information is accurate.

Setting up music on hold.

This hold music feature can be added to your Ooma Office setup by following these instructions:

Do more with your recordings.

All your call recordings are held in the Call Logs section of the Ooma Office dashboard, making them easy to manage and use.

Each recording can be played back, downloaded or deleted. You can easily play your recordings back for quick accuracy checks, download them for further analyzation, and even delete them when you’re done with them.

Note: Check your local laws regarding recording phone calls. Some towns, counties and states require you to inform callers that they’ll be recorded.

There are many other great Ooma Office features built for small business.

Watch the video below to learn more:

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