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The Ooma Enterprise Call Center Platform

Give customers and employees an exceptional experience that improves your bottom line.


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Customers who receive a quick response and resolution during their support or customer service calls are more likely to become loyal repeat customers. They can also become advocates, sharing positive reviews that generates more business.

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Empower your company and
improve the customer experience.

With the Ooma Enterprise Call Center users enjoy:

intelligent routing

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent dynamic call flows help callers get to the right agent without going through confusing or redundant steps with repeat questions.

Drag drop

Drag and Drop Call Flows

Empower your frontline administrators with a self-service visual flow designer that facilitates routing flows without coding. Even the most non-technical users will have the ability to design, build and deliver customized call flows by simply dragging and dropping the call sequences in a matter of minutes.

Leveraging data

Leveraging Data

Route calls based on fields in Salesforce like case owner, lead owner or account owner. Improve first call resolution with custom call routing and foster more personalized conversations that resolve things faster.

Ooma Enterprise is seamlessly connected: Use over 50 popular application integrations, including Salesforce and ServiceNow. You can also access open APIs that enable integration across your entire ecosystem.

Routing Features

Automatic call distributor (ACD): Route inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours and agent skills to deliver an unparalleled experience to each caller.

Interactive voice response (IVR): Quickly configure your multi-level IVR to ensure each caller is directed to the right agent, team or department.

Skills-based routing: Match callers to the agents most qualified to meet their needs to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

Ring groups: Ring multiple agents at once to ensure that calls are distributed in the manner that best suits your business needs.

Intelligent reconnect: When a customer calls back following a dropped call, automatically reconnect them with the person to whom they were speaking. No answer call forwarding: Send calls to an overflow phone number when all agents are busy to ensure no calls are missed.

Reporting and Analytics Software

Ooma Enterprise Call Center clients have access to dozens of advanced reports to measure and improve call center performance. You can customize your dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most.

Reporting analytics

Monitor the health of your call center.

Track and optimize performance with comprehensive, real-time and historical reports. Your customizable dashboard displays the most important metrics for your team. At the same time, a suite of pre-built reports reveals performance trends for your teams, phone numbers, channels, and more.

Reporting analytics

Discover conversation insights in real-time.

Get more out of your call recordings with advanced business voice analytics. Drill deeper into individual conversations and find coaching opportunities, common buying objections, and frequently asked questions. Visual dashboards make it easy to assess trends and hone in on the calls that need the most attention.

Reporting and Analytics Features

Desktop analytics: Keep track of agent productivity with non-intrusive desktop activity tracking.

Voice analytics: Intelligently analyze real-time and historical calls to improve agent performance and ensure compliance.

Customizable, real-time reporting: With more than 15 inbound and outbound call center metrics to choose from, you can quickly create the perfect dashboard for your team.

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