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Monthly Service Rates

Ooma Connect can be purchased stand alone or with Ooma Office – the #1 rated business phone service designed to help small businesses run better.

Backup Internet + Voice

10 GB $29.99 per month*

Great for backup use or voice-only use.

Light Primary Internet + Voice

50 GB $99.99 per month*

Great for primary Internet use or more frequent backup use.

Heavy Primary Internet

125 GB $199.99 per month*

For primary Internet with heavier usage.

  • Hardware Plans
  • $15 per month – no contract.
  • $0 with a 3 year contract.
  • *Overage Charges
  • $9.99 per GB for the 10 GB plan.
  • $5.99 per GB for the 50 and 125 GB plans.


or call us at 877-353-5185

Ways to Buy:

Online purchasing bundles Ooma Connect with Ooma Office. You can select 1 or more users for Ooma Office and each is $19.95 monthly. Additionally, Ooma Connect hardware is charged at full retail cost. The rental option is not yet available online.

To purchase Ooma Connect stand alone and to discuss all your options, please call 877-959-6662 or request an appointment.