Ooma home security water sensor.

Spot water damage before it happens with the Ooma Water Sensor.

Use this brilliant device to detect leaks beneath sinks and water heaters, make sure your basement isn’t flooding or simply ensure your pet or potted plant have enough water.

Water sensor against black backdrop.

Key Details

  • Detects water between two gold-plated sensor probes.
  • Perfect for sensing leaky pipes, flooded basements, faulty water heaters, and more.
  • Receive alerts via app notifications, phone, text, email and voice announcements.
  • Comes with AAA batteries (approximately 1.5 year battery life), adhesive pads, and mounting screws.

Water Sensor FAQs

What is a Water Sensor and how does it work?
What comes with the Water Sensor package?
How do I install the Water Sensor?
Are there any places I should avoid mounting the water sensor?
Will the Water Sensor probe corrode if it is exposed to water for too long?
How long does it take for the Water Sensor to detect the presence of water?
How long is the battery life of the Water Sensor?
Can the Water Sensor be plugged in?
What do the lights on the Water Sensor mean?
What options can I enable for the Water Sensor?
My Ooma Water Sensor is disconnected. What should I do?


Home monitoring system with Smart water sensor.

Ooma Offers the Next Generation of Home Security

Click on the video above to see how Ooma Home Security helps keep your home safe with Ooma’s Water Sensor and other DIY home protection technology.

Water sensor alarm setup.

DIY Home Protection from Water Damage

This video will guide you through everything you need to know about Ooma’s Water Sensor, from first-time setup to features and functions.