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Great DIY System
Gordy on Nov 13, 2018
I use Ooma for water detection and motion detection in my home. I enjoyed the low entry cost. The quality of the equipment is good and has been working fine. When a battery change notice came on I was happy that they use regular batteries. I recommend this system for diy people as it was very easy to get going.

Reliable product
Al on Nov 13, 2018
I got my first Ooma security device as a bonus when I purchased my Ooma phone system. The great news is the system is expandable and you can buy what you need. Take a look at their product selection - you will probably find all you need (if not, drop them a note - they are very responsive). Ooma is a reliable company offering reliable products. I am glad a friend introduced me to them.

Great sensor
Warren on Nov 13, 2018
So far I only have the Ooma Motion Sensor. When I first started using it I experienced the disconnect/reconnect issue. I called their customer service line and they walked me through a procedure to correct the problem. That was almost three months ago and the system has worked flawlessly since. I have moved the sensor to various rooms in my two-story house with no loss of signal.

Great price
Andrew on Nov 13, 2018
As a home security and voip phone combined with its low price, ooma is the best bang for the buck, hands down!!

Easy to set up and use
Brian on Nov 13, 2018
Easy to set up and use. Great price for a great item.

Phone notifications very useful
Frank on Nov 13, 2018
Have country home with sump pump system..the unit activates when when...and sends a signal to the rings with warning message...great when combined with Premier Service as it rings the cell when away from home!

Reliable and easy to use
Kevin on Nov 13, 2018
Ooma Home security has been really helpful for me and my family. Easy to configure, the system is very reliable and the app makes it a breeze to use.

Love it
Casey on Nov 13, 2018
I have to say, this worked out better than I expected. I was concerned about wires and configurations, but they made it so easy! I get all the information I need right on my mobile, and my home and family are more secure. I'll be getting more Butterfleye cameras soon. One for every room. Thank you Ooma - another great product suite.

Work well
Stephen on Nov 13, 2018
Have door sensor, water sensor, and motion sensor they all work very well and do the job. Easy to set up.

Easy to set up
Bob on Nov 13, 2018
This is a very simple system to set up. It has a good app to operate the system when not at home (or even at home). We have 3 large dogs (our original security system) and the motion sensor very rarely trips when they are moving around. It can be set to switch modes automatically when the last phone set for Geo-fencing leaves and when the first one returns.

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