Ooma reviews from customers:

Sensor monitors
Corey on Nov 11, 2019
We have installed a door sensor to monitor when our child leaves their room during the night. It's a great way to know if they are leaving their room, we also have a camera in our downstairs area we can look at to see if they've been sneaking candy or snacks after bedtime.

Saved money
Bernie N. on Nov 05, 2019
I have installed a door sensor at the detached garage, lets me know if someone opens the door. The water sensors beside basement water tank and under kitchen sink. The rest of sensors are installed at front and back doors and windows. Finally a motion sensor facing front door. This security system replaced my ADT 3 years ago and has saved me 30 dollars a month.

Customize my Ooma Smart Security system
Corey I. on Nov 05, 2019
I customize my Ooma Smart Security system by naming my sensors. I have two garage door sensors. I customized them with names "large garage door" and "small garage door" so I know which door is open.

Glad to have it.
Ted Cousens on Aug 12, 2019
I know it's new and has a few bugs to work out but the concept is fabulous and i have been so happy with my other Ooma products that I had no doubts as to which security camera to buy, since some packages have been disappearing, I decided to do something about it. the customer service has been great and they have assisted me greatly in getting the camera dialed in. Keep up the good work!

Easy to Install, easy to work with and it works
David Browne on Jul 03, 2019
Installed this system - 3 door sensor, motion sensor, 2 water sensors, and 1 garage door sensor. All easily paired up with Telo I bought specially, as my other Telo goes to Florida with me for 6 months. Bought to replace old style security system that relies on a central monitoring system to call me if something goes wrong. Often takes then a hour just to find my and my phone number. And often they cannot say anything except an alarm was triggered. Ran the Ooma system in parallel for three months now and now I know what is going on - just looking at the continuous log record helps so much. I feel the system would be complete with a temperature sensor (nice to know house temp in the winter, when away) and a smoke detector. Then the Ooma system would be complete as I have several cameras covering all access points.

Great Security Motion Sensors
Jeffrey D on Mar 14, 2019
Installation of the Ooma Motion Sensor was quite easy. I set it up on a ledge facing a central location in our home where one must cross to access any part of our home. When I put it in “away” mode we feel a sense of security as both my wife (via a text) and I (via a notification) will know if someone is in our home!

Awesome front door cam
Lee B on Mar 14, 2019
I love being able to see when and whom is at my front door when I’m not there.

Love the whole security system
Schmauss on Mar 13, 2019
I have purchased several Ooma's Home Security Sensors. including their door/window sensors, motion detector, and water sensor. They are very easy to install using the Ooma Security app. They are all wireless and the app will let you know if a sensor is open/closed and even if the battery needs replacing. I love the fact that it will send you an alert without having a third party monitoring company!

Trust it!
Dwight R on Jan 16, 2019
It watches my doors and halls while I am away and reports directly to me if there is anything amiss.

Sensors are great ...
Lee on Jan 15, 2019
Having a water sensor is great! Especially when your water heater is old!