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Home Security App Not Ready for Prime Time 362
Scott on Apr 10, 2018
First of all, the phone service is first rate, which is why I jumped on board when home security was announced. The sensors are straight forward, but the App, yikes! Still waiting for the update (since March 2018) to fix geocaching and now, apparently time zones. Numerous e-mails and telephone calls to Ooma and I expected a fix, but the resolution is to wait for the App update. App apparently doesn't know next day AM times follows evening PM times. I was going to buy more sensors, but not yet. C'mon Ooma, I'm rooting for you and would like to update my reviews.
Reply from Ooma: Hi Scott, thank you so much for being a valued Ooma customer and for your feedback! We are sorry that you have experienced some issues with the Home Security App. One of our team members will follow up with you via email to learn more. We are constantly working to improve our app, and we definitely want to address your concerns and see your updated review as well!

Geo fencing 359
Jacob Robinson on Apr 09, 2018
Geofencing , nice idea it worked perfectly at first, now it doesn’t work at all. Set it on my phone set my GPS settings to what they asked me to and it doesn’t automatically turn on and off like it did when I first got it . It really bums me out as I thought this was a great feature
Reply from Ooma: Hi Jacob, thank you for being a valued Ooma customer and for your review. We are sorry that you have been experiencing some issues with the geofencing feature. Someone from our team will follow up with you via email to get more information. and we hope to resolve your concerns as swiftly as possible!

For the price, great! 357
Mo Bee on Apr 09, 2018
At this price point for a security system, I think this is a great system. It's a simple system just the Ooma base plus the sensors.

Using the water sensor 300
James Hanna on Mar 30, 2018
I’m using my new water sensor by placing it near my sump pump. Now I’ll know if there is ever a failure!

The non existence garage door opener 287
Bob on Mar 20, 2018
I keep getting emails about this product and there is no web page for it. What is going on.
Reply from Ooma: Thanks so much for your review on Ooma Home Security. Regarding your concern, although Ooma does not offer a garage door opener, our Garage Door Sensor is available for purchase. Simply log into “My Ooma,” find the VTech Garage Door Sensor on, and click “Buy Now.” We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Great savings 281
Graham B on Mar 14, 2018
Love the money savings and the comprehensive features of the Telo, Home Security, and mobile app.

More than just a low cost phone service 271
Louis P on Mar 02, 2018
On top of lower cost services, with the additional of a door sensor and Linx, my Ooma system is slowly becoming more and more versatile; much more than just offering low cost phone service. Looking forward to seeing what other services will be incorporated into Ooma.

Reliable and effective 270
Bernie on Mar 02, 2018
I have Ooma all over the house, phones and sensors are very reliable and effective. More success to Ooma!

Not just a phone system 267
Leo on Feb 28, 2018
I like how Ooma isn’t just a phone system. It is also a home security system and an internet filter.

Smart home integration 266
Dylan D on Feb 28, 2018
The same technology that delivers my phone service has been brilliantly designed to integrate with other smart home products and services. Ooma becomes the hub of the home offering peace of mind- from staying in contact with friends and family, blinking lights to ensure one doesn’t miss a call, right through to letting me know if I left a door open.

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