Get free equipment with your phone and internet service.
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Get free equipment with your phone and internet service.

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You focus on running your business, we’ll manage your Wi-Fi.

When you’re hustling you don’t have time for spotty connections, unruly employee bandwidth usage, or critical internet reliant tools going down. Meet Ooma Wi-Fi.


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Full service. Simple set up. Complete control.

Ooma Wi-Fi is a plug and play Wi-Fi solution built for small business. Configuration and control of your network is provided through a dedicated customer service team that does all the work for you – including monitoring it on-demand to ensure consistent connectivity.

Keep employee productivity up.

Employees are using your Wi-Fi for everything. Email, social media, streaming, the list goes on. Giving them easy access to exactly what they need means they can stay focused.

Professional network management and optimization.

Let Ooma’s professionals manage your network, keeping employees, guests, POS devices and phone on separate networks to maximize Wi-Fi network performance and minimize conflict. Get assistance even when not on site.

24×7 Customer support.

Whenever you need to know the status of your network or make changes to it, Ooma is always available.

Fast and easy deployment.

There’s no need for specialized IT experience to deploy the access points. Simply plug them in and we’ll do the rest remotely – including configuring and trouble-shooting.


Or call us 866-794-9109

Hardware and Monthly Service Costs

Ooma Wi-Fi access: 7602
Grandstream 7602 Wi-Fi Access Point
MSRP $79.99
Monthly Rental Price $3.00
Mounting Desktop
Coverage Up to 1,000 sq feet
Use Case Straightforward Wi-Fi network situations to create different user groups.

Ooma Wi-Fi service costs $4.99/month/device for each access point under management.


Or call us 866-794-9109

managed wifi

Need a more reliable internet service?

Ooma Connect is a plug-and-play solution that provides primary or backup internet service on an advanced LTE network. It’s lightning fast and you won’t ever have to worry about outages or poor voice quality slowing down your business again.