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Written by Dennis Peng

Business Phone Comparison: Ooma Office vs. Cable Companies

Bundling business phone service through your cable company may seem like a smart way to streamline your work life. However, if you take a close look at available business calling plans, you’ll find cable companies charge more money for fe [...]

Written by Anthony Hizon

10 Real-life Scenarios for Using Smart Home Sensors

When you’re installing a home security system, you’re preparing for the worst-case scenario: a burglary, house fire, or other tragedy. However, the right security solution helps you simultaneously protect against the dangers while a [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

Do Not Call List Loopholes: Why Are Telemarketers Still Calling?

The National Do Not Call Registry was once the gold standard to protect you against robocalls and telemarketers. However, if your phone is still ringing from unwanted calls, you may be wondering if the Do Not Call List is actually effective. Wh [...]