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Written by Dennis Peng

Just Like Netflix Changed TV, VoIP Is Disrupting Phone Service

Businesses that have previously had a stronghold on an industry are increasingly being edged out by technological innovators, or as they’re commonly called, disruptors. For example, take how Airbnb has affected the hotel business, with 150 mil [...]

Home Security
Written by Ben Nader

Ooma Butterfleye Security Camera Is Like Social Media for Your Smart Home

It’s easy to hop on your favorite social media platform to see all sorts of info about your friends, such as vacation photos, lunch pics, and more. The endless stream of updates tells us so much about what’s happening in the world and wi [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

Upgrade Your Home Office with Ooma’s New DP1 Desk Phone

Working at home just got easier thanks to Ooma’s newly released DP1 Desk Phone. We all know that home offices aren’t typically outfitted with the same infrastructure that you have at work, and the classic home office faux pas is when your child [...]