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Written by Thad White

Ooma Acquires Butterfleye, Producer of AI-Powered Video Security Devices

Have you heard about Ooma’s very exciting announcement? In an expansion of our home-security offerings, Ooma acquired Butterfleye, an AI-powered smart video camera and security platform. The AI-functionality of Butterfleye’s smart video cameras [...]

Home Security
Written by Team Ooma

Ooma’s Expanded Home Security System at CES 2018

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Ooma will be launching a new set of home security products. Ooma Home Security provides consumers with a network of protection that includes door and window sensors, motion detectors, water sensor [...]

Written by Anthony Hizon

The Changing Environment of Home Security

It’s a new age of smartphones, social networks and digital interconnectedness. But home security threats are often the old-fashioned kind — a door that is jimmied open or window that was left unlocked. Each year in the U.S., there are 2.9 milli [...]