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Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

8×8: Comparing Business Phone Services

Traditional phone companies no longer have a lock on the business phone market. The growing industry of VoIP phone providers (Voice over Internet Protocol) is offering phone service that’s higher quality, more flexible, and lower in cost. Check [...]

Small Business
Written by Ken Narita

When Is the Best Time to Make Business Calls?

Successful business calls are both an art and a strategy. While there’s an art to building rapport, understanding motivations, and using negotiation tactics, the strategy component means leveraging customer data and smart business tactics [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

How to Avoid Package Theft at Your Front Door

You’ve seen it on the news; you’ve seen it on social media; and you’ve heard about it from your neighbors. Package theft is a serious problem! About 26 million Americans have had a package stolen from their front door during the holidays. That’ [...]