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Home Security
Written by Ben Nader

How To Stop Your Home Security System From Waking You Up With False Alarms

Today’s home alarm systems have many innovations that help keep you safe. They offer the peace of mind of knowing that you will be alerted by cell phone if there is any unusual activity. You have on-demand video footage that authorities can use [...]

Home Security
Written by Anthony Hizon

Want A Smart Home? Consider These Points Before You Buy Anything

How to Change to a Smart Home: Let’s Talk Budget Does it make sense for you to adapt your home into a smart home? You may be wondering if all this technology will really make a difference to your life. Is it all worth the cost? Upgrading doesn’ [...]

Written by Dennis Peng

What’s New in the Latest Ooma app for iOS?

Now available in iTunes is the latest Ooma app for residential customers. Released in January 2018, the new iOS Ooma residential app v7.2 provides customers with added functionality. Now it’s easier than ever before to use Ooma to make affordab [...]