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Written by Dennis Peng

Best International Calling App for Traveling to South Korea

The Busan Fireworks Festival is a major festival in South Korea, attracting more than a million visitors to the annual event in Gwangalli Beach on the southeastern coast of the peninsula. This year, the fireworks spectacle will occur on Saturda [...]

Home Security
Written by Ben Nader

Fewer False Alarms with Ooma Butterfleye

With some smart home security cameras, false alarms can be a regular occurrence. Anything from a falling stack of papers to a dark cloud over a skylight can trigger an activity notification. An analysis of false alarms found that between 94 and [...]

Home Security
Written by Mike Moran

DIY Home Security in Multifamily Buildings

The use of smart security is on the rise, and consumer demand is expected to increase by approximately 10 percent per year through 2025. The market share for internet-connected security devices is already significant, and smart security technol [...]