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Call Park with Ooma Office

Call Park takes the convenience of a call transfer and provides even greater flexibility. Ooma Office users can put callers in “parking spots” that allow them to switch devices or change location without losing the call. For the customer, it feels like they’re on hold, but Call Park allows businesses to stay connected to the customer better than ever.

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What is the Call Park feature?

Parking a call places an active caller on hold in a user-defined “parking spot.” This means that anyone on the team who knows the parking spot can retrieve the call and address the needs of the customer. There are several ways that this feature can be used with Ooma Office:

  1. You can park a call, then retrieve the call from a new extension.
  2. You might need to locate the person who needs to retrieve the call. In this case, you can park the call until the transferee is available to pick it up.
  3. This feature is also useful if a user needs to put an active call on hold without tying up the line.

How is Call Park different from a call transfer?

While Call Transfer and Call Park do have similar functions, there is an important distinction between the two features. Unlike Call Transfer, which requires a specific transfer destination, a parked call can be retrieved from any device by any user who knows the parking spot.

What are the benefits of the Call Park feature?

The Call Park feature makes it easy for teams to manage customer or client calls. Rather than simply transferring a caller to a specific person who may not be available to answer the call, the call park feature lets anyone on the team with knowledge of the parking spot to pick up the call and address the needs of their customers or clients.

Likewise, customers can get their needs addressed quickly. Long wait times are among some of the biggest frustrations that customers have when calling into a company, so this feature could help minimize those issues.

Note: If the user has configured the parking spot in one of the configurable buttons, they will have a visual indicator if a call has been parked on that spot.

Call park
Watch this informative video to get a visual guide of how you can use the Call Park feature at your business.

Using Call Park is easy

You can choose any number for a parking spot. However, it’s recommended that you use one- to four-digit numbers to make it easy for other users to retrieve the call.

To learn how to park and retrieve a call, check out our extended Ooma Office FAQs.

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Watch the video below to learn more:

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