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Enterprise Business Connectivity

Our network and infrastructure services save you time and money.


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The Ooma Enterprise network offers business connectivity that eliminates all single points of failure with seven global data centers, multiple tier 1 carriers, and several levels of redundancy.

In addition, we analyze and modernize your Internet infrastructure so you can reap the benefits of bringing your business communications into the cloud. You save time and money, your team gets the features and mobility they need, and your customers enjoy a smooth and seamless experience.

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Our Global Network Solution

At Ooma, we’ve developed a globally redundant voice network that has multiple connections to international Tier 1 carriers. We continuously monitor the network for any issue that could compromise voice quality.

Our points of presence (POP) network is the backbone of our service. It ensures your calls travel the shortest distance between our network and its intended destination. This helps to reduce costs and improve voice quality.

POPs also give you a local presence. You can be in your office in Chicago and service customers on the other side of the world — all while appearing local. We have access to toll-free numbers in over 150 countries! Compare enterprise options here.


Failover and Intelligent routing: Multiple carrier options allow calls to connect seamlessly. If there’s an issue with one carrier we can invisibly route the call to another, so your connection is always crystal-clear. We also deploy a unique active/active architecture that’s synchronized between POPs. High availability within each POP means you get the best service quality.
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Dedicated voice circuits provide unparalleled quality.

Ooma Enterprise uses dedicated voice circuits from your offices to our data centers and POPs. This allows us to guarantee service availability and superior call quality. This includes:

Voice Circuit Features

  • A service-level agreement: We guarantee uptime and reliability. We provide SLAs and respond to any issue or request immediately.
  • Robust security: We control the firewalling, intrusion prevention system, and other security over the dedicated voice circuit to ensure nobody can capture your traffic.
  • Route optimization: We engineer the best-path routes between our carriers, our networks, and you. We can design a custom routing plan for a company’s specific needs, whether it’s routing preference, lowering phone service costs, or providing clearer business calls.
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Internet Infrastructure Services

Ooma Enterprise representatives get to know your business inside and out. We help companies modernize their intenet infrastructure.

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