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Get the security of e911 calling from Ooma.

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Save valuable time in an emergency.

With Ooma home phone service, first responders are automatically provided with your home address when anyone dials 911.

Even if the caller can’t speak or doesn’t know the address, like a babysitter or guest, Ooma’s e911 feature transmits your exact home address so help can be dispatched quickly.

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“I’ve been a tech person for a very long time, but I was hesitant to give up my landline. I have heard horror stories about people having issues reaching needed services over cell. I did not want to lose my ability to reach the services. The day happened that I needed emergency services and Ooma was right there. It may have saved a life. Thank you for having a great e911 system and great service.”

– James

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“We had a suspicious vehicle outside our home. When I went to call 911, I realized my cell phone had no battery. Luckily we had Ooma and were able to call police.”

– Ed

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“My mom had a severe acid reflux episode but I did not know that. I thought it was a heart attack. Luckily I had Ooma in her room too, so I dialed and 911 personnel already knew the address so they sent help quickly.”

– Larry

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Dialing 911 from Ooma Telo vs a mobile phone.

When dialing 911 using a mobile phone, object barriers, GPS signals, location permissions, or outdated software can affect your actual location and transmit a general area as opposed to an exact address.

When dialing 911 from your Ooma phone line, emergency dispatchers automatically receive your registered service address. It’s essential that Ooma customers update their home address information in the myOoma web portal.

911 alerts

911 alerts notify loved ones in an emergency.

With Ooma you can set 911 Alerts so you, or another emergency contact such as a family member or neighbor, will receive a text message when 911 was dialed from your Ooma phone. Customize the text to include a doctor’s phone number, or a prescription drug list in the event of a true emergency.


Building Entry Phones Use your home phone as a backup line for babysitters, or for whenever your cellphone needs charging.

Elevator Phones Designate it as your hotline and only share the number with VIPs like family or close friends.

Fax Machines Have a phone that stays in the same place and is nearby in an emergency.

Fire Alarms Take a break from your smartphone, which can affect both your health and quality of sleep.

Why it still helps to have a home phone.

Having e911 through Ooma is a tremendous benefit, but there are lots of other reasons to have an Ooma home phone.

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