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Smart Home Security for Next to Nothing

24/7 protection
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Get do-it-yourself home security with the ability to call 911 remotely from your home phone number even when you are not at home.

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Ooma Home Security Highlights

Remote 911

Remote 911 calls

Call 911 from anywhere as if you were at home. Automatically transmit your home address to emergency responders.

Control from anywhere

Control from anywhere

Monitor and control your home from anywhere with the free Ooma Home Security mobile app.

No hidden fees or contracts

No hidden fees or contracts

Try Ooma Home Security FREE for 30 days and pay month-to-month thereafter. Protect your home at the unbeatable low cost of $5.99/month.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Real-time alerts on your iOS or Android smartphone. Check the status of your home 24/7 from anywhere.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Wireless installation of sensors anywhere in your home. No installation fees or set-up charges.

Includes phone service

Includes phone service

Get unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller-ID, call waiting, and 911 calling and text alerts.

Home Monitoring Lockup

Set up in minutes.
See for yourself.

Set up your system in minutes using the Ooma Home Security mobile app. Quick, wireless installation of sensors with double-sided tape or screws.

home security support

Real-time alerts

Get alerted when power or Internet is down. If we detect that your system has lost connection for any reason, we alert you immediately.

Take anywhere

Take Ooma Home Security with you when you move. Your wireless sensors can easily be remounted. Perfect for home owners and renters alike.

Includes phone service

Ooma Home Security connects to the Ooma Telo, providing you free home phone services and other advanced calling features.

High-quality products

Our water sensor is gold plated to ensure reliability.

Full protection for all parts of your home


For Basic Subscribers

For Premier Subscribers

As a basic user, you get service with 1 sensor for free, or unlimited sensors for $5.99/month.

As a Premier customer, you get home security for unlimited sensors with NO additional monthly fees.

For Premier Subscribers

As a Premier customer, you get home security for unlimited sensors with NO additional monthly fees.

Shop and add sensors as you need them.

Home Security Starter Pack

Get started with Ooma Home Security with a Telo, motion sensor, and two door or window sensors.


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Motion Sensor

Get alerts when there is unexpected motion sensed in your home.


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Door and Window Sensor

Get alerts if your door or window opens unexpectedly or is left ajar.


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Water Sensor

Get alerts before water damage happens for damaged pipes, leaky roofs, water heater problems, and more.


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