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Ooma office mobile app iconUse Ooma Office at work, home or anywhere.

Access the #1 rated VoIP service through ourmobile app.

Ooma Available in the App Store Download the Ooma App from Google Play

Manage calls better.

  • Access common features from home tab.
  • Differentiate between business and personal calls.
  • Do Not Disturb keeps business phone calls from ringing during personal hours.
  • Transfer calls to an extension, voicemail or personal phone number.

Prioritize voicemails.

  • Easily search and play voicemails, or automatically transcribe them to written form.
  • Quickly review voicemails by increasing playback speed by 1.5 or 2 times.
  • Bulk edit and delete, and access deleted voicemails.
  • Share voicemail boxes with multiple users.

Send texts, photos and PDFs.

  • Collaborate with co-workers with message groups.
  • Use messaging templates to save time.
  • Personal and shared messaging inboxes.
  • Pin threads for most important contacts.

Record important calls.

  • Record calls automatically or on-demand.
  • Easily find and replay call recordings.
  • Ideal for enhancing compliance, training, and documenting important conversations.

Do more on mobile.

  • Block calls from robocallers, telemarketers and unwanted numbers.
  • Make and receive calls with VoIP or cellular connection.
  • Send and receive faxes.
  • Perform an attended transfer when a call needs to be announced or explained.
  • Flip an active call from a desktop phone to the mobile app.

Watch this one-minute video to see what you can do with the Ooma Office Mobile App.

The (Almost) 5 Star Mobile Phone App

The Ooma Office Mobile App has earned 4.9 stars. Simply download it from the Google Play or Apple App store and follow the setup instructions.
Ooma Available in the App Store Download the Ooma App from Google Play