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Business phone service
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Business Phone for Real Estate Companies.

Successful real estate brokers, agents, and property managers are frequently working outside of the office. It’s critical to stay connected and never miss a call from a potential client or tenant. Having a flexible business phone system is essential for closing deals and running a successful firm.

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Business Phone for Real Estate Companies

What do real estate companies need in a business phone system?

Location, location, location. Working in real estate not only means having a centrally located office where you can be reached, but also working on the go at various locations.

Whether you are hosting an open house or showing potential tenants around your property, you always need to be on the move while also making sure you’re easily reachable. Real estate is a competitive market, and missing out on a single call can mean losing a potential client or tenant.

Real estate businesses need a phone service they can take with them anywhere. They also need the ability to easily flip their call from their desk phone to mobile phone and back.

Of course, a polished business presence with reliable service that’s both efficient and hassle-free is crucial to building a successful real estate business.

Ooma Business real estate testimonials.

For Harcourts Newport Properties and Atira Property Management, Ooma’s simplicity to set up and manage, affordable prices, and reliable service made it a perfect fit.

Harcourts Newport Properties

We had a different provider and there were interruptions in clarity. I did some research and decided Ooma was the best fit for us. We are definitely saving well over 30 to 40 percent. But it’s just not the cost savings… it’s the features and the clarity of the phone calls as well. I’m not a high tech kind of person and when you go to the portal and navigate through it, you can’t believe it’s that easy to do. It can be 8:00 at night and if you remember there’s something you needed to do, you can just go into the portal and make the change and you can sleep a lot easier.

Earnie Caponera

Broker / Owner

Atira Property Management

We experienced a flood about five days before Christmas and our former provider was not able to maintain continuity. Ooma was provisioned and up and running in less than a week. Our main important thing was to have a reliable, consistent provider… and with Ooma, our experience is zero down time. The management portal is absolutely amazing. I have very limited experience in information technology, but with some assistance from the customer success team, we’ve been able to fully set up the system without the need of a dedicated IT specialist. It’s incredibly easy to use. It’s a great system and much better than where we were previously.

Adam Glover

General Manager & Managing Broker

Ooma provides advanced business phone features for your real estate company.

  • Professional image when in meetings or after hours. Don’t keep clients ringing. When out of the office showing properties, Ooma’s Virtual Receptionist provides helpful information and routes callers to the right department or individual.
  • Always connected. Using the Ooma mobile app, real estate brokers, agents, and property managers have their business phone system on their mobile phones. They can call clients from anywhere using their business number. With Call Flip, you can instantly switch from your desk phone to your mobile phone without disrupting the call.
  • Get back to clients, title companies and lenders quickly. With Caller-ID and Call Logs, you can see when various clients, financial institutions or others have called. You can easily prioritize them and call them back with one click.
  • Streamline property tours, signing meetings and more. Caller-ID, Call Logs and Virtual Fax Logs enable you to efficiently verify the amount of time spent on each client and listing.
  • Integrate into backend systems. Tie Ooma into your appointment calendars, allowing you to easily recognize each client and help them faster.
  • Record calls for note-taking accuracy and quality assurance. Play calls back at your convenience to double check details that help you serve your clients and tenants better.
  • No unexpected charges. Ooma’s all-inclusive pricing eliminates long distance charges or add-ons and save money on calls between properties and locations. Get Virtual Fax numbers so numerous staff members can fax simultaneously at no charge. Enjoy affordable, consistent monthly rates.

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