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Rated at 4.3 stars by thousands of Amazon customers.

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Why internet phone service?

Traditional copper landlines are going away, causing telecoms to drive up the cost of your monthly phone bill. Ooma Telo is a device that delivers free phone service through VoIP technology using your existing internet connection.

Say goodbye to annual contracts and expensive phone plans and say hello to free home phone service.

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Why Ooma VoIP home phone service?

Free Calling

Call anywhere in the U.S. for free, or upgrade to our Premier plan to include calls to Canada and Mexico.

Keep Your Number

We’ll port your existing home phone number or help you get set up with a new one.

Call Blocking

Keep pesky scammers away with multiple ways to block unwanted callers. Included with our Premier service plan.

Address-Based 911 Services

Mobile phones don’t always show your precise location, but with Ooma, your exact registered address is sent to dispatchers.

Free Mobile App

Take your home phone on the go. Enjoy unlimited outbound calling using the mobile app.

Set Up In 15 Minutes

With Ooma’s easy setup, most customers can start making free calls in less than 15 minutes.

Choose the Ooma Telo that’s best for your home.

No matter your home setup, Ooma makes it simple to get quality home phone service.
Purchase an Ooma Telo at a one-time cost and enjoy the benefits of a landline without the hidden fees and contracts.

Ooma Telo


Plug Ooma Telo into your internet router with a hardwired connection.

Ideal For: Users with easy access to their internet routers.

Phone Service: Free plus taxes and fees.

Ooma Telo Air Device - Front View

Ooma Telo Air


Connect Ooma Telo Air to your internet router through your home Wi-Fi network.

Ideal For: Users without easy access to their internet routers.

Phone Service: Free plus taxes and fees.

Ooma Telo LTE - Front View

Ooma Telo LTE


Ooma Telo LTE comes with an adapter that gives a high-speed, always-on LTE connection to the internet, plus a battery backup in case of an internet or power outage. Check coverage.

Ideal For: Users in remote areas with spotty internet connections.

Phone Service: $19.99/month plus taxes and fees.

Home phone service plans.

Ooma offers two different plan options. The Basic service plan is included with the purchase of Ooma Telo or Ooma Telo Air. The Premier service plan is included with the purchase of Ooma Telo LTE.


Ooma Basic
Service Plan

Get all the features you’d expect.


Per month + taxes and fees
Estimate for your zip code
  • Free Nationwide Calling
  • Low-Cost International Calling
  • Address-Based 911 and 911 Alerts
  • Keep Your Number for a One-Time Fee
  • Choose a New Number For Free
  • Free Ooma-to-Ooma Calling
  • Answering Machine Functionality
  • …and more!
Feature Packed

Ooma Premier
Service Plan

Get the red carpet treatment for phone service.


Per month + taxes and fees
Estimate for your zip code

Everything in Basic Plan, plus:

  • Free Calling in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Advanced Call Blocking
  • Instant Second Line
  • Call Forwarding
  • Backup Number
  • …and more!

Residential phone service FAQ


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