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How the Ooma Office Chrome Extension can save you time while you work

By |Friday February 25, 2022

It’s so easy to live in your web browser. From documents to email, customer relationship systems and social media, everything you need to do in a day is right there in a bunch of tabs. But what about your phone system?

When you’re in the zone, the last thing you want to do is break away from your work. With the Ooma Office Chrome Extension, you won’t have to. Your Ooma Office phone system is right there and ready for you directly in your Chrome browser.

Start calls from Chrome

Once you download and install the Chrome Extension, it’s always right there in Chrome browser. Just log in with your Ooma Office credentials, then you’ll be able to start a call right from your browser. Whether it’s a personal contact or a new phone number you’re dialing for the first time, it’s easy to use.

While you can start your call from the browser, the call will take place on whatever phone you have associated with your account. So, if you’ve got the Ooma Office Desktop App, you’ll take the call from there. If you’ve got a desk phone sitting next to you, you’ll take the call from there.

The voicemails you need. Right in Chrome

Even better, there’s no need to take a break from your work if you get a new voicemail. You can check it via the Chrome Extension. If you don’t have time to listen to it, you can always take a look at the voicemail preview. Need to keep voicemails for your records? Just download them.

More texting, less juggling

The problem with dedicated texting apps is you have to do a lot of app juggling. Hear a ding, pop open your app, respond, then go back to your browser and repeat as the conversation continues on and off throughout the day.

There’s no need to do that with the Ooma Office Chrome Extension. You can text right in the extension. And when text isn’t enough, you can send pictures or documents too!

Stay organized with call and fax logs

Trying to remember when the last time you called someone? Need to check when that fax arrived? With the Ooma Office Chrome Extension, you can view your call and fax logs for reference without opening the app or going to the web portal. It’s all right there in the extension waiting for you.

Download it today

The Ooma Office Chrome Extension is available right now. Just head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for Ooma Office. Download, enter your credentials and you’re good to go.

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