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PBX replacement made easy

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Ready to ditch your legacy phone system?

For most companies, an office phone system is such an essential part of doing business that they don’t think about replacing or changing it very frequently. In fact, statistics indicate that businesses replace a legacy phone system only about once every seven years. If you think about how fast technology changes, this means that many companies are struggling with an outdated phone system they are reluctant to replace.

Barriers to legacy phone system replacement.

There are several reasons why companies are slow to replace an old phone system:

  • Concerns about disruption to their business.
  • A lack of knowledge about modern phone system options.
  • Scarcity of IT resources to manage the legacy phone system replacement.
  • Anticipated challenges of retraining staff.
  • No budget for large capital expenditures.

4 issues that lead to phone system replacements.

Even given those concerns, eventually, legacy phone system replacement becomes necessary due to increasing challenges like:

  • Expensive hardware upgrade and maintenance contract requirements.
  • Outdated features that are not flexible enough to meet current business needs.
  • Increasing reliance on IT staff for management.
  • Capacity limitations.

How we can help replace your old phone system.

Ooma Enterprise makes the enterprise phone system transition painless and offers all of the advantages of today’s modern cloud unified communications systems.

  • Simple installation and complete support – With Ooma Enterprise, you’ll be out of the business of running a phone system.
  • A cloud-based solution – All the latest features are available to all customers without hardware upgrades or maintenance contracts.
  • One vendor simplicity – We are the phone system vendor and telecom provider.
  • Ultimate flexibility – Pay for only what you need now and grow on your terms. Support multiple locations and remote workers.
  • The Ultimate Feature Set – If you haven’t used a modern phone system, you’ll be blown away by what it can do. Voicemail transcription to email, on-demand conferencing, call recording, fax to email, and smartphone support are just a few features of our cloud-based voice and unified communications system.

If you are ready to replace your aging phone system, drop us a line. One of our transition experts will help determine options and make sure you understand what to expect from a legacy phone system replacement.

Get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t using Ooma’s custom-built communications platform.