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Serve your customers better with Ooma’s Call Recording feature

By |Wednesday October 26, 2022

Call recording has many benefits to businesses of all sizes. Once reserved for large companies, call recording technology has become an affordable feature that any small or mid-size business can now access.

In fact, it’s a business phone feature that’s included in the Ooma Office Pro and Ooma Office Pro Plus monthly subscriptions, and customers love it. “We have used the call recording feature from Ooma in order to improve customer service skills and also have a formal record of verbal orders placed by customers and our salespeople in the field via phone,” says a satisfied Ooma customer. Read on to see why you should also use Ooma’s Call Recording feature.

What is Call Recording?

Call Recording is when a business records inbound and outbound calls, such as customer calls and vendor calls, so that they may review them later. It is done through a software, such as Ooma Office Pro, that records phone calls on a specific line or multiple lines.

What are the benefits of Call Recording?

Call recording software has many benefits, including:

• Creating opportunities for customer service or training improvements: One big benefit is improving customer satisfaction. By using a call recording system, you can monitor agent performance and the customer service your employees are providing business over the phone. You can use your findings through call recording to create training and best practices to improve customer service.

• Simplifying disputes with customers: With a recorded call, you can protect yourself and confirm exactly what was said if any questions arise. “We use call recording from Ooma to help fight credit card disputes. It’s hard to lose a dispute when you have all your calls recorded,” says one happy Ooma customer.

• Creating a formal record of verbal sales transactions. Another benefit of call recording is to simply have important information on record to go back and check. No matter the business size, things can get crazy, and it can be hard to remember everything in the moment, even when trying to write it all down. Recording calls can track important information like verbal customer orders and customer contact information that can get lost in translation. This will save your business a lot of time and effort in tracking missed information. It will also keep your sales more accurate and improve your revenue.

How to use Ooma’s Call Recording feature

Call Recording is included for all Ooma Office Pro and Pro Plus customers. By enabling this feature, the account administrator can allow recording of all incoming, outgoing, transferred and conferenced calls for each specified extension. Users can review recorded calls on their extension, and the account administrator can check them on all extensions. Recorded calls can be up to three hours long, are stored for 90 days, and can be downloaded for long-term archiving.

Setting up the Ooma Office Call Recording feature is easy. Follow these steps:

• Sign in as the account administrator.
• Navigate to the Call Recording tab.
• Check the button to Enable Call Recording and save your changes.
• Go to the Users page and select the user you want set up for recording. Click their line.
• Navigate to the Features tab and check the box beside Record Calls.
• Save it.
• The user will receive an email informing them that their calls are now being recorded.

Learn more about the Call Recording feature, including how to check a recorded call.

Consent for recording calls

Keep in mind that some states and countries require callers to get prior consent of all participants before recording a call or other communication. For example, Justia.com published a survey regarding recording phone calls and conversations in the 50 U.S. states. You are responsible for complying with all laws related to recording calls.

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