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Hot Desking: How this Ooma Office Pro Plus feature makes hybrid work seamless

By |Monday July 25, 2022

Imagine a phone office system that’s both flexible and convenient. Not only are you free to pick any desk and phone to work at, but all your unique information is also there for you to access at the press of a few buttons.

Hot Desking, a feature of Ooma Office Pro Plus, makes this all possible.

What is Hot Desking?

Put simply, our Hot Desking feature allows you to log in to any unassigned desk phone and start placing and receiving phone calls as if it was your own phone.

The concept is similar to how most smartphones work. You can access your old contacts and voicemail messages when you get a different smartphone, right? The same is true with Hot Desking, except you don’t have to hassle with SIM cards or factory resets.

Here’s how the Hot Desking feature works.

Access your work line with just a few taps.

Like with any work line, you’ll be assigned an extension number and voicemail PIN. From there, you can take your pick of the unassigned Ooma-provisioned IP phones available in the office.

Once you’ve picked your device, just dial *50 and enter your extension number and voicemail PIN.

As long as you’re logged in, that phone is your unique work line. All calls to your extension will ring on that device and your voicemails will be there for you to access. Plus, your Caller ID will be displayed to anyone you call from that phone.

Done with the device? Just dial *51 to log out. It’s then ready for the next hot desker! Forget to turn off Hot Desking? No problem—your Hot Desking session automatically ends at 2 a.m.

Ideal for hybrid work and shared workspaces

Hot Desking is a perfect fit for businesses embracing hybrid work and shared workspaces.

With employees free to decide between working remotely or going into the office, many businesses have moved away from assigning individual desks and opted for shared workspaces. But this setup begs the question: How can you make and receive calls from your work line if you’re always moving around?

That’s where our Hot Desking solution comes in. With your phone line, voicemails and Caller ID following you, you can access your familiar phone tools and enjoy a seamless work experience from any workspace in the office set up for Hot Desking.

The result? Freedom and flexibility for your team without sacrificing productivity. Plus, you’ll benefit from reduced hardware costs since you don’t have to buy a new phone for every employee. As long as you have enough devices for your employees to share, you’re good to go.

Start Hot Desking today.

Turn any desk phone into your phone with Ooma Office Pro Plus’s Hot Desking feature. Learn more about getting started or call (877) 353-5185. Already an Ooma Office customer? Log in to upgrade today!

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