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Choosing a cloud phone system in 2023 - blog post image

Choosing a cloud phone system in 2023

By Ayesha Emad|December 21, 2022
Implementing cloud communications systems can have a multi-level impact on businesses. On the finance side, it can lower costs. Operationally, it expands your phone system to go beyond desk phones. It can provide the tools for better customer relations.

How to get a business phone number - blog post image

How to get a business phone number

By Diane Balogh|November 9, 2022
Whether you’re setting up a new business or preparing to take your existing small business to the next level, you need to get a business phone number. Provided you know what to look for, getting a business phone number should be a smooth process you can complete in no time at all. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the best business phone solution.

Business in the Cloud - blog post image

Business in the Cloud

By Jim Gustke|September 17, 2019
There are plenty of reasons why companies of all sizes are shifting their tech resources to the cloud. It may be to accommodate and collaborate with distributed workforces. Or it may be to streamline and corral staff efforts.

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