Ooma HT814 ATA

Connect up to 4 analog phone or fax machines.


About this item

Experience the wonders of 21st century VoIP technology and keep your analog telephony devices. The key is this analog telephone adapter (ATA). Plug up to 4 devices into the HT814 and connect to a VoIP phone service like Ooma Office. The HT814 ATA provides exceptional voice quality for your home or office and can be set up in minutes.


  • 4 FXS phone ports and dual gigabit ports
  • Built-in NAT gigabit router to handle routing speeds up to 100 MBps
  • State-of the-art encryption—each unit has a unique security certificate


  • 3-way audio conferencing
  • Wide range of caller ID formats
  • Call waiting and message-waiting functions
  • T.38 fax capabilities to fax over the internet
  • Hunt Group capability
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