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Ooma Enterprise Audio Conferencing

On-demand, reservationless conferencing
that brings people together.


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Work together from anywhere.

Why hire yet another company to only provide conference bridges? The Ooma Enterprise communications system already has audio conferencing capabilities built-in.

Our platform and features are flexible, scalable and easily accessible from your desk phone, softphone or mobile device. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go and need instant messaging, Ooma gives you the mobility you need to maximize efficiency and productivity.

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On-demand audio conferencing: your personal conference bridge.

With Ooma, you get a permanent dial-in number and entry passcode you can use 24/7, and it accommodates an unlimited number of participants. No need to reserve a time slot for a specified number of users. Your permanent dial-in number and passcode provides you with a virtual meeting room and audio conferencing whenever you need it.

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  • Click-to-dial

    Start a call from within the CRM anytime a phone number is available. Click-to-dial saves 15-30 seconds, eliminating common errors. Less time dialing also means more time focused on core functions.

  • Inbound screen pops

    Inbound screen pops provide instant visibility into who is calling. Relevant contact information is displayed before the call is answered.

  • 20/20 activity view

    Call records are captured in the Lead or Contact record for all calls made from Ooma Enterprise, including conference calls. This gives your team a more detailed and accurate view of customer calls.

  • Workspace transfer

    With workspace transfer, service agents are able to transfer the entire user workspace along with the phone call for an optimized customer service experience.

Ooma Enterprise on-demand conferencing capabilities:

Unlimited Participants

Include all participants needed to share information, discuss solutions and be productive.

Dial-in from Anywhere

Don’t be limited by attendees being in another room, office location or country.

Toll-Free Numbers

Keep costs down and participation up with toll-free dial-in numbers for almost any country.


Mute users to remove distracting background noise and side conversations.

Multiple Rooms

Access multiple meeting rooms via a secure pin code.

Call Recording

No need to take notes. Record, store and upload conference calls.

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