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Recent Interview with Ooma Office Customer: BabyWit

Ooma recently partnered with Ebong Eka (www.ebongeka.com) to interview Rosalee Rester, the marketing and production manager for Baby Wit (www.babywit.com), on Facebook Live and Periscope to learn how Baby Wit markets their business. Through the interview we concluded that entrepreneurs face the following two big challenges:

The first challenge – Reasons for starting a business.

There are many reasons for starting a business. One of the most common reasons is to solve a problem the entrepreneur currently has. Whether you hear this story on Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine or at your local Small Business Administration Office, the story remains the same:

“I had a problem and couldn’t find the solution in a store – so I created it myself!”-Rosalee Rester- BabyWit

BabyWit.com was started back in 2003. Babywit.com creates quirky, eclectic T-shirts that show the world your baby has serious style. They have the largest collection of comic infant and toddler T-shirts on the Internet. Babywit.com was founded by a stay-at-home mom with a sense of humor who refused to resign herself to dressing her daughter in bland T-shirts covered in bears or other equally uninteresting creatures.

The second challenge: How do you market to your customers so they buy from you? BabyWit.com solves a problem mothers and fathers had but how do they let people know they exist?

Here are some of Rosalee’s best marketing tips for your small business to tackle the second challenge listed above:

1. “Mom – Co-ops”: Find people who love your product or service to become advocates for your business through superior customer service. Improve the experience of your current customers and they will become your greatest marketing team.

2. Your phone system can be one of your biggest customer service aids. BabyWit loves Ooma Office’s “Virtual Receptionist” feature to field customer calls like a large company would have.

3. Be receptive to trends by using social media and newsletters to reach your customers!

Overcoming those two challenges has helped BabyWit.com become a household name in the toddler e-tailer space.

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Anat Hazanchuk

Anat is the Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager at Ooma. With over seven years of experience in Social Media, her early adoption of popular social media platforms allows her to stay one step ahead in the social media realm. Her experience, goal-oriented personality, and understanding of engagement and metrics lead her to create social media solutions that provide measurable results. Anat holds a BS in Marketing and a minor in Communications from Arizona State University.

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