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Ooma announces amazing Black Friday Deals!

By Husain Sumra|Wednesday November 25, 2020

Black Friday 2020 deals are here! 

Whether you are looking to cut down your business phone bills or have more flexible calling at home, these deals are perfect for you. With less expensive phone calls, you can stay in touch with friends and family and never miss a phone call again.

Kicking off the holiday shopping season, discounted prices go live on Thanksgiving morning, November 26, at 12:01 a.m. EST. For West Coasters, that’s Wednesday, November 25, at 9:01 p.m. PST. Sale prices continue through Cyber Monday until 11:59 p.m. EST (8:59 p.m. PST) on Monday, November 30.

This year, there are deals on five products where you can save up to $55! 

Black Friday promo: Ooma Telo [Black And White]

During the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, both the black and white Ooma Telo will be on sale for $69.99. That is a savings of $30 compared to the usual price. Shipping is free, so you can get your digital phone at no added cost.

With this discounted price, you can start using the Ooma Telo for the same amount as a typical U.S. smartphone bill. Or you could put those savings toward other deals on the Black Friday shopping season.

Once you buy the Ooma Telo, you can keep saving money. Using Ooma’s VoIP phone service could save you $302.25 in home phone services in just the first year.

The Ooma Telo also gives you access to advanced calling features with Ooma Premier service, including the ability to block spam callers, smart home integration, and you can also use the Ooma mobile phone app to take calls on the go. The HD voice feature means your phone call quality will be even better than a traditional landline phone call!

Special deal for Canadian customers: The Ooma Telo is also on sale for customers in Canada! In Canada, you can save $50 when you buy an Ooma Telo during the sale for just $79.99.

Black Friday promo: Ooma Telo Air

When you buy the Ooma Telo Air in the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you will only pay $79.99. That’s a savings of more than $50 compared to the usual price! Those savings are enough to cover a basic Netflix subscription for a few months!

The Ooma Telo Air is a fantastic way to add wireless flexibility to your Ooma Telo calling experience. Just use the Ooma Telo setup app to get started. You can place Ooma Telo Air anywhere in your home where Wi-Fi is available, and then just connect your phone.

Setting up the Ooma Telo Air is fast and simple. Download the Ooma app on your Android or Apple iOS smartphone and follow the steps. You’ll be online in a few minutes. There’s no need to have a technician come to your home to install it.

Tip: Shopping from Canada? The Ooma Telo Air sells for $99.99 in Canada, so you can save $60 compared to the standard price.

Black Friday promo: Ooma Telo HD3

For the 2020 Black Friday long weekend only, the Ooma Telo HD3 bundle is on sale for $84.99. That means you can save $45! With those savings, you can keep shopping elsewhere for Black Friday deals.

What makes the Ooma Telo HD3 bundle special? You get two great products together. First, you get the Ooma Telo station so you can make wireless hands-free calls when you’re busy. Even better, you don’t have to manually enter all of your contacts. Instead, you can choose to automatically sync your contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn. The system also brings in profile pictures so you can easily recognize callers by photo when they call you.

The HD3 handset is a great choice for a light weight phone handset. It has a compact two-inch display so you can see numbers clearly. It is also designed for people who love to talk. It has a 10-hour talk time battery life. That means if you use the phone for about 30 minutes per day, you could go more than two weeks before having to charge it again.

Canadian deal alert: The Ooma Telo HD3 bundle sells for $99.99 in Canada. That’s a savings of $90 compared to the usual price.

Black Friday promo: Ooma Telo 4G

Think about how much you rely on internet access each day to stay connected. You probably use your internet connection for hours every day. Just imagine what would happen if that connection was lost! That’s why you might want to have a backup internet connection in place.

The Ooma Telo 4G, on sale for $79.99 (a $50 savings on the regular price), gives you cellular internet connectivity right away. There’s no need to install DSL, cable or satellite internet. The Ooma Telo 4G doesn’t need that to work.

You can stay connected even when there is a power failure! The Ooma Telo 4G has a built-in battery so you can stay online even when there is a power failure. That means you can send a quick email to let people know you are safe if there is a major storm.

Black Friday promo: Ooma Telo DP1 bundle

Spend a lot of time on the phone in your home office? The Ooma Telo DP1 bundle is a good choice for you. It’s designed to give you business level calling quality for your home office. During this Black Friday promotion, you can buy the bundle for $109.99, a savings of $40 off the standard price.

With the DP1 bundle, you get the Ooma station itself and the DP1 phone set. At first glance, the DP1 phone set looks like a high-end corporate phone set with one key difference—it’s wireless! You don’t have to thread another phone cable to make it work. Instead, it connects wirelessly to your Ooma home station. You can save up to 32 phone numbers in speed dial so staying connected with your coworkers, customers and suppliers is easy. 

Canadian deal alert: This bundle is also available for Canadian customers! When you buy during the Black Friday promotion, you will only pay $129.99. That means you will keep $70 in savings compared to the usual price.

Ooma Telo White

Ooma Telo White

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free.
You pay monthly applicable taxes and fees.

Free Shipping
Save: $20
Ooma Telo image

Ooma Telo

Get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free.
You pay monthly applicable taxes and fees.

Free Shipping
Save: $20
Ooma Telo Air image

Ooma Telo Air

Place your Ooma Telo Air anywhere and connect to the internet wirelessly using your wifi network. Pair Bluetooth with your mobile phone to answer incoming mobile calls from any phone in your home. Easy app-based setup.

Free Shipping
Save: $30
Yealink T21 Two Pack

Yealink T21
-Buy 1 Get 1 Free IP Phone Offer-

Save: $70
  • Mid-level internet phone.
  • Call volume: High
  • Good for: Startups, law offices, advertising agencies and growing businesses.
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