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3 reasons why a reliable internet connection is essential to grow your business.

By |Tuesday April 7, 2020

Nowadays, most everything requires an internet connection, whether it’s through cable, satellite, DSL, cellular data or even fiber. But did you ever stop to consider what would happen if that connection went down? Consider how it affects the three items that you should never be without.

1. Your business communications.

Whether you’re communicating with customers, partners, suppliers, or employees, staying connected is the foundation of your business. And because voice and unified communications over the internet enable businesses of all sizes to use robust features while also saving on costs, it’s more important than ever to ensure your internet connection doesn’t go down and that you have a service that offers alternative connection points if and when it does. For example, some services enable call forwarding on outages and mobile apps. Be mindful of the communication options you secure so that they never go down.

2. Your order fulfillment or POS software.

As an example, today most restaurants are using delivery services that are prompted through tablets connected to the internet. They and other retailers also use POS systems to literally ring up sales from remote customers. If you can’t connect to the internet, you’re losing sales. It’s sometimes easy to forget how dependent we’ve become on the internet and all of its critical connection points that support your business. Don’t let transactional systems you rely on ever go down by maintaining a reliable internet connection.

3. Your ability to do online marketing.

If you’re not able to share something on social media or send a newsletter because of a bad internet connection, meaning your marketing outlets can’t be accessed, how will you generate leads and sales? Social media and various digital marketing tactics are great ways to keep people informed and engaged. Many small businesses use email platforms to create and send newsletters and promos. The more news you share about your work and how your business is benefiting your customers, and the more you interact with people, and the more you’ll get in return. Don’t let this critical revenue–generating channel go down just because your internet did.

During unpredictable, as well as boom times, one thing is clear: you can’t afford to have uncertainty when it comes to an internet connection – there’s too much riding on it.

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