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Does Your Home Security Camera Still Work if Power and Internet Are Down?

A home security camera is an excellent way to stay connected with and protect your home, your belongings, and the people that you care about. However, it’s important to choose a security camera that helps minimize security downtimes and keep you protected, even during circumstances that are beyond your control, such as a power failure […]

Ooma Butterfleye Gets 4.5 Stars from TechHive

Are you wondering what other people are saying about the Ooma Butterfleye smart home security camera? We’re pleased to share that a recent review from TechHive gave the camera 4.5 stars, highlighting the device as an Editor’s Choice for smart home security. In the review, editors highlight specific features of the Ooma Butterfleye that can […]

Fewer False Alarms with Ooma Butterfleye

With some a smart home security camera, false alarms can be a regular occurrence. Anything from a falling stack of papers to a dark cloud over a skylight can trigger an activity notification. An analysis of false alarms found that between 94 and 99 percent of burglar alarm calls to the police turn out to […]