Smart Home Security for Next to Nothing

What Cities Have the Highest Concentration of Smart Homes?

Smart home technology is on the rise. In fact, the most recent data available shows that 2016 had a 64% sales increase in smart home devices. These Internet-enabled home devices are ever expanding in their scope, ranging from televisions to baby monitors to home security cameras. However, consumer adoption of smart home technology is not […]

How To Stop Your Home Security System From Waking You Up With False Alarms

Today’s home alarm systems have many innovations that help keep you safe. They offer the peace of mind of knowing that you will be alerted by cell phone if there is any unusual activity. You have on-demand video footage that authorities can use to identify and apprehend the criminals. You have the flexibility of wireless […]

Want A Smart Home? Consider These Points Before You Buy Anything

How to Change to a Smart Home: Let’s Talk Budget Does it make sense for you to adapt your home into a smart home? You may be wondering if all this technology will really make a difference to your life. Is it all worth the cost? Upgrading doesn’t have to be costly. For example, a […]