Smart Home Security for Next to Nothing

Thanks, Netgear, for Prompting Awareness of Ooma’s Leadership in Home Safety

By Eric Stang, chief executive officer of Ooma: It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s true, all of us at Ooma were deeply flattered on June 7 when Netgear put out a press release boldly proclaiming the introduction of “a first for a smart home security system” in offering “e911 […]

Survey: Consumers Want Smart Home Security That Doesn’t Invade Privacy

People want smart home security systems that allow them to deter unwanted visitors and keep an eye on loved ones, but without having to incorporate complicated new technology in lives or be made to feel that companies are encroaching on their personal space and data. That’s the main message from Ooma’s recent survey of 2,000 […]

Facial Recognition Part of Home Security

Home security technology has recently made a huge leap forward. Where facial recognition was previously available only for enterprise or government security systems, consumers can now implement home security systems with the same technology. Facial recognition technology helps keep your home safe in these five ways: Advanced Detection and Identification The Ooma Home security system […]