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A Cloud Phone System To Boost Your Business

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Corporate communications solutions shouldn’t be complicated. Your team is growing, and you need a business phone service that can keep up.

Cloud phone systems and Unified Communications are a must for growing organizations. Far too often, companies rely on outdated business VoIP options to get the important job of business communication done when they could be relying on a less complicated cloud-based enterprise virtual phone system.

Cloud-based systems bring simplicity and flexibility to your growing enterprise. With a cloud-based enterprise phone system, you can:

  • Unify remote workers and traveling workers with your in-office teams.
  • Manage all of your enterprise communications with a single vendor.
  • Scale your business communications systems quickly as your company grows.
  • Free up your IT resources.
  • Get quality, advanced features that scale with your system at no additional cost.

Learn more about VoIP systems and how they can help you modernize your business.

What is a cloud based phone system?

Cloud-based telephone systems differentiate themselves from traditional landline phones because they use cloud internet technology to connect callers with one another. Telecom providers like Ooma Enterprise do this by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functionality.

Many of us are already familiar with cloud-based technology for personal use, whether it be streaming services and even mobile apps that handle our shopping and banking in the cloud. As digital adoption gains popularity in the business world, this same technology is becoming more and more prevalent for corporate communications solutions as well.

What do they do?

Virtual phone systems, unlike traditional phone systems, rely on secure remote hosted PBX locations to ensure call quality, reliability and flexibility. Using VoIP technology, voice traffic is compiled into data packets that move over the internet.

This type of technology produces many benefits for companies large and small. Not only are cloud-based systems easier to use, but they are accessible from anywhere. It’s no wonder then, why so many companies are replacing their outdated systems with cloud communications systems like Ooma Enterprise.

Advantages of VoIP for business

Cloud-based technologies are becoming the norm in enterprise environments for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the top advantages of business cloud phone systems.

  1. Cloud technologies free up your IT resources

    With cloud-based phone systems, you have little need for in-house IT support. Providers like Ooma Enterprise manage the entire process for you, from setup to implementation. As a result, your IT team will have more time to focus on projects that are more strategic to your core business objectives.

  2. Manage your business from anywhere

    With an increasingly digital workforce, managing multiple offices and remote workers is becoming a top business priority. No only is clear communication between these parties absolutely necessary, but measuring performance is key as well. With cloudbased phone systems, you can unify your remote and in-office workers, easily conference with out-of-state offices, and get more accountability with employee performance.

  3. When your business grows, cloudbased systems grow with you

    When you sign up with enterprise cloud VoIP systems, you only pay for what you need in the present moment. If your business takes off and you expand offices or hire new employees, you can easily add more extensions and lines as needed. There’s no need to predict future growth – just simply add capacity when it’s needed. Many of our cloud features are easily scalable as well, and at no additional cost.

  4. Eliminate the confusion that comes with multiple vendors

    In the old days, companies would often have to juggle multiple communications vendors in order to get through the work day. These businesses might have a telecommunications carrier, a cloud PBX systems vendor, as well as a local service provider. When things went awry, managers would often have to track down different invoices and points of contact to troubleshoot issues. With Ooma Enterprise, there is only one vendor to manage and one point of responsibility, making things much easier for your team.

  5. Plan effectively for the unexpected

    During a natural or manmade disaster, cloud systems are a much better options for planning and recovery. You can make changes to your auto-attendants or announcements to let your customers know what is happening – all without ever setting foot inside the office. Phone calls can also be re-routed to other locations, such as mobile or home phones, in the event of an emergency.

What makes Ooma Enterprise different?

Every business has a unique set of goals and different business communications needs. That’s why we believe that enterprise communications solutions should never come in a one-size-fits-all package. We work hard to put together business communication configuration that’s tailored for your entire enterprise. Here are some ways we do it:

Whether you want to modernize your current phone system or need to manage remote offices, telecommuters and traveling employees, we deliver. You can free up space in your office with cloud-based phones, and let everyone take their business local number on the road.

With cloud based phones, you can conduct your enterprise communications with desktop phones as we are traditionally accustomed to, However, this technology also allows workers to take business calls from their personal iOS (Apple) and Android devices. This is a game changer for businesses, as it allows traveling and remote workers to make and take business phone calls away from their desk while still maintaining corporate control.

No matter the size of your customer base, the Ooma Enterprise desktop management application offers time savings and simplicity. Because the system is completely web-based, it offers one-click dialing of extensions and frequently used numbers. Transfer phone calls between an iOS (Apple) or Android device and desk with a simple click-and-drag. You can dial across the office or across the globe with just one click as well.

Ooma Enterprise has developed a contact center solution that helps businesses be more reliable and efficient with their workflow, all through VoIP technology. With a contact center solution in the cloud, you can discover important conversation insights in real time. In turn, this increases more buying opportunities for customers and coaching opportunities for your staff.

With PBX systems (private branched exchange), you have a variety of options when it comes to phones. You can opt for desktop IP phones that look like an ordinary business phone or cordless phone. However, you can also maintain your business line using cell phone applications as well as software-based softphones.

Today’s leading companies are moving many enterprise functions to the cloud, including enterprise phone systems. Enterprise cloud phone systems allow you to get all of the enterprise-class features you’d expect, with the ability to scale as your business grows.

We’re happy to discuss how this technology can help improve your specific business objectives. Find out how your organization can get more UCaaS solutions with less wasted capital by scheduling an Ooma Enterprise demo.

Get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t using Ooma’s custom-built communications platform.