Business phone systems for auto shops.

Cars are a very important commodity for many people - they get us to and from work, help us run errands, ship goods and travel. It’s no wonder that customers tend to be very selective when choosing an auto shop to repair and maintain their car. To keep customers coming back with their maintenance and repair needs, you need to be putting your best foot forward.

Business phone systems for auto shops.

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What do auto shops need in an office phone system?

In order to run an efficient auto shop, customers must be able to easily ask questions about services, make appointments and handle billing. Creating a polished and professional presence over the phone is a critical first impression.

With Ooma’s virtual receptionist feature, you can route incoming phone calls to your business line. This makes it easy to set up appointments and transfer calls to the appropriate person if an individual has questions about parts, services, appointments and/or billing.

The virtual receptionist also lets you set up voice messages that provide basic information, such as locations and hours. There are also alternate modes available for taking calls during business hours as well as after hours.

“The Virtual Receptionist is like adding another employee,” said Jonathan Arndt, general manager of Colburn Construction, Inc. “I’m always confident that calls are routed to the right people, while the calls that we don’t want are less likely to make it through,” he added, touting Ooma’s advanced call blocking features that prevent known spammers from getting through.

Ooma case studies and videos

Read about how this company managed multiple business locations with Ooma Office.

Ooma Office Case Study - JWorld

It meets all of our telephony needs, and has enabled us to manage 3 business locations from one.

Barry Demak
General Manager

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See how Ooma Office helped this small business create a polished and consistent impression to its customers.

Ooma Office Case Study - AGA

A small company cant be held back because its phone system is unprofessional. Ooma Office gives a polished and consistent impression to our customers, while fitting into the work style of our organization.

Daniel Graves
Chief of Operations

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Advanced business phone features for auto shops

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a business phone provider. Here are a few Ooma features that work well in an auto shop:

  • Multi-ring options: Auto shop owners and mechanics can set up their business line so that multiple phones ring at once. This means that every call will not go unanswered, even if you happen to be busy under the hood.
  • Call transfer: If you have a customer on the line that has a question about parts or billing, you can easily transfer them over to the correct individual to answer their questions.
  • Virtual receptionist: Manage calls with automated settings, modes for business hours and after hours, and more routing options.
  • All-inclusive price: Each Ooma account includes a local and toll-free number of your choice, a virtual fax extension, and a conference extension line.

Ooma Office gives you the business communication tools to help you better manage your auto shop. Visit our main business page to learn more.

Watch the video below to find out more about Ooma’s powerful and unique business phone features:

Ooma Office Business Phone Overview

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