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Business phone service for advertising agencies.

Business Phone for Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies simply couldn’t function without a steady stream of outgoing and incoming business calls. Whether it’s discussing pitches with colleagues or finalizing creative details with clients, advanced telephone systems are a must to get ad work done.

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Business Phone for Advertising agencies

What do ad agencies need in an office phone system?

With advertising firms there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and your phone system shouldn’t fit that mold either. While there are definitely large-scale ad agencies out there with lots of top brands as clients, there are also smaller ad agencies who like to work on the local level. Others like to work on ads in specific industries.

Regardless, ad agencies need to prioritize business features that allow easy collaboration on many different kinds of projects, quality customer service as well as mobile access. Meeting with clients is a critical piece of advertising. While clients do tend to visit the office, a lot of your work will also be conducted off-site as well. Having a business phone line that can function both inside and outside of the office is crucial.

Additionally, ad agencies usually conduct a lot of creative work and need many levels of approval from clients. A professional and advanced business phone makes it easy for your teams to operate cross-functionally on pitches, projects, assignments, and those all-too-important deadlines.

Advanced business phone features

Ooma has a great selection of office features that would be a perfect addition to any advertising agency. These include:

  • Ooma Office mobile app: Move seamlessly between your office phone and your mobile phone using the same business phone line.
  • Multi-level virtual receptionist: Greet clients in a professional manner, and route calls to the appropriate departments at your ad agency when clients call. This feature has multi-level functions that allow you to make settings for open and closed hours, custom messages, and more.
  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico: In addition to free and unlimited calling to these countries, Ooma also has an expanded set of low international rates if you need to dial additional international clients.
  • Conference bridge: Meetings are a big deal at advertising agencies. That’s why we’ve included an advanced conference bridge feature to ensure every meeting with a client runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Extension-to-extension dialing: Collaborate easily with your colleagues on creative projects, billing, customer relations, and more
  • Call park: People who work in advertising are often on the move. With our call park feature, you can move an active call to another Ooma Office phone easily during your busiest days.

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