Ooma Internet Security Preview

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Stop online threats before they reach you and your family.

Your Threat Protection Checklist:

Malicious Websites

How do you perform on a test to threats contained on a known malicious website?

Congratulations, you passed! Your system detected an attempt to access a malicious site.

Your security infrastructure did not protect you from threats contained on a known malicious website. Try shortening the frequency by which your security solutions update their knowledge of compromised websites to see if that protects you. If that change doesn’t work consider a new solution that automatically updates malicious websites in real-time.


How do you perform on a test that examines your vulnerability to phishing?

Congratulations, your security infrastructure successfully detected a phishing attack and protected you from it.

Your security solution did not detect or block a URL that is a known phishing site. This failure can sometimes happen if your security infrastructure doesn’t refresh its block list of phishing sites in real-time.


How do you perform on a test that checks if your device can contact to a known botnet?

Congratulations, you have passed this test. Your device is blocked from contacting a botnet.

Your device is not blocked from contacting a known Botnet control and can therefore be used to steal your data or launch massive attacks with other ‘zombie’ devices. Consider a security solution that not only blocks initial infections but can also block further malicious activity that may cause damage to your enterprise.