Ditch DSL and get the internet service built for small business.

Fast and reliable internet is more essential than ever for small businesses. If you’re tired of slow and unreliable DSL, it’s time to switch to something better. Say hello to Ooma Connect.

DSL can be slow and unreliable, clogging up transactions and slowing your ability to get business done. Ooma Connect delivers a reliable, fast internet connection powered by an Advanced LTE Network, giving you the reliability you need to deliver the service you strive for.

Built for small business.

Not only is Ooma Connect easy to deploy, it works seamlessly with Ooma Office, providing an all-in-one solution for your small business. You can get the internet service you need combined with the #1 rated VoiP service to make your business more efficient.

Cut the cord.

DSL relies on dated, wired infrastructure that can be difficult to maintain. Ooma Connect uses an Advanced LTE Network, which means you can either cut the DSL cord completely or use it as a backup internet solution.

Simple setup.

Ooma Connect can be set up in just a couple simple setups. Just mount the Ooma Connect adapter to a wall or window then connect it to the Ooma Connect base station. Then you’re ready to use a reliably, high-speed internet connection.

Simple setup.

The Ooma Connect Base Station is your internet hub. Simply put the antenna in the optimal place to capture and send to it the LTE-Advanced signal.


Monthly Service Rates

Internet Backup Unlimited Unlimited Pro
Service Cost Per Month $29.99 $99.99 $199.99
Hardware Cost Per Month $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract $15 or $0 with 3-yr contract
Suggested Use Case Internet Backup Backup or Primary Internet Primary Internet
Data Allowance 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
Overage Costs $9.99 per GB $0 $0
Speed Up to 75 Mbps Up to 15 Mbps Up to 75 Mbps
Video Supported Supported Speeds limited to 2 simultaneous HD stream
Actual speeds may vary and may be reduced if usage exceeds 50GB per month. Streaming video speeds defaulted to 500kbps. Actual speeds may vary and may be reduced if usage exceeds 125GB per month. Streaming video speed defaulted to 2Mbps.

Buy Online

Online purchasing bundles Ooma Connect with Ooma Office. You can select 1 or more users for Ooma Office and each is $19.95 monthly. Additionally, Ooma Connect hardware is charged at full retail cost. The rental option is not yet available online.