Save 50% off our best internet plan!
Call 877-621-0515 to learn more.

Save 50% off our best internet plan!

Call 877-621-0515 to learn more. Offer ends soon.

Cancel DSL, it’s officially

Break up with DSL before DSL breaks up with you.

DSL is old technology that’s being phased out across the U.S. That’s especially bad news if your business can’t get high-speed fiber internet yet. But the great news is Ooma has a solution, and it’s better than DSL. With business grade wireless internet from Ooma, you’ll typically experience faster speeds than DSL, more reliability, and a reduced bill.

Now is the perfect time to cut the DSL cord and stop relying on dated, wired infrastructure that can be difficult to maintain. Ooma Connect delivers an internet connection that’s powered by an Advanced LTE Network. It’s easy to set up. You’ll get great internet service combined with the best business VoIP phone service.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started.

Plug and play installation is as easy as connecting devices and activating service.

24x7 customer service

24×7 customer service.

Ooma Connect offers 24×7 support if you need it at no extra charge.

Better speeds and reliability

Better speeds and reliability.

The days of dealing with unreliable DSL are gone forever. Ooma Connect ensures you’re always connected.

Watch how Ooma Connect can help you.

Learn more about how Ooma Connect works and how easy it is to get started.

Play video: VoIP Phone Systems for Restaurants | Ooma Connect Customer Story – Jimboy’s Tacos

Ooma Connect Plans

Monthly Business Internet Service Plans with One Year Contract*

Save 50% off on our best Unlimited Pro plan for
6 months – just $49.99 per month!**

Call 877-621-0515 to learn more. Offer expires July 31, 2024.

Unlimited Basic

For up to 10 connected devices


Per Month – for 12 months

Unlimited Pro

For up to 30 connected devices

$99.99 $49.99

Per Month – for first 6 months
* Pricing requires an active Ooma Office subscription. Call 866-343-7929 to sign up for Ooma Office.
Rates do not include taxes, fees and equipment costs. Actual speeds may vary. Excessive use will result in throttling bandwidth.
***Offer expires July 31, 2024. Unlimited Pro plan monthly service discounted rate will be in effect for 6 months upon new Ooma Connect sign up,
after which the monthly service rate will be at our standard price.