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Small Business
Written by Team Ooma

Ooma Office Brings Flexibility to Small Businesses With the Introduction of IP Phone Support

Ooma wants to help small businesses present a more professional image and run more efficiently while  simultaneously saving them as much as 75% on their phone service. Already, Ooma Office phone service provides big business features like a vi [...]

Written by Team Ooma

One Billion Dollars!

Ooma has collectively saved our customers over $1 billion dollars on their monthly phone bills! Over the years the most frequent feedback we get from our customers is “thank you for saving us money”. That got us thinking; how much money have w [...]

Small Business
Written by Anat Hazanchuk

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Social Media

As a business owner, you are probably wondering how much time you should be investing in social media. Is it even worth all the time and effort? The answer is YES and here are 5 reasons why: 1. Social media can reduce your overall marketing cos [...]