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New Calling Plan Option for Ooma Mobile App

Tired of overpaying for minutes on your iPhone calling plan? Ready to tap into the hidden capabilities of your iPod touch or iPad? If so, then it’s time to check out the Ooma Mobile app and our great new calling bundle. Today, we introduced a new Mobile App Calling plan that allows callers 1,000 minutes of talk time for only $5 per month. Since calls using the Ooma Mobile App go out over Wi-Fi instead of over your phone carrier’s network, you’ll be able to talk without worrying about using up your cell phone minutes and risking big overage charges. If you have a 3G-enabled device, you can also make calls over your 3G data connection. With Ooma Mobile, you’ll have full mobility while still bypassing the voice minutes on your calling plan.

Other Benefits of Using Ooma Mobile:

  • Save up to 90% on international calls
  • Avoid roaming charges
  • Keep your caller ID
  • Reduce 3G bandwidth usage by up to 60%
  • Talk free anywhere in the world when you call another Ooma phone number

The new calling plan is available for enrollment today via the “My Ooma” area of www.ooma.com. For more details on our Mobile Calling App, visit our page in Apple’s App store.


  1. Tim Biden
    September 27, 2010    

    Thats great, but what about the Android platform? I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t plan on getting one.

  2. Team Ooma
    October 22, 2010    

    We’re aiming for release by early 2011.

  3. Larry Ames
    October 26, 2010    

    Any plans for an Android app?

  4. Dennies Chiu
    November 2, 2010    

    How many devices can be register to one phone?

  5. Pete
    November 5, 2010    

    Will your mobile app also have SMS capability? (like L…2, even though they’re $5/mo extra, it’s worth it). Thanks.

  6. Pete
    November 5, 2010    

    Addendum: I use the app on iPod Touch 4G, always connected to VZ MiFi (+large battery), so it’s like an ultra-thin iPhone w/ SMS capability! (via L…2 app). Plus it’s on VZ, my favorite cell carrier. Heavenly…

  7. Bill
    November 10, 2010    

    Ooma needs an Androida app. The iPhone is yesterdays news.

  8. tony silos
    November 15, 2010    

    It works great. Of course I had to buy a set of earplugs with a microphone but everything worked as promised.

  9. Jorge
    November 27, 2010    

    I want to know when will be available for window mobile ?

  10. Phil Walters
    December 2, 2010    

    Do you have a mobile app for calling w/ooma for Android?

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