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Voicemail Hacks for a Better Start to Your Workday

Every morning when you arrive at work, you’re faced with the seemingly archaic process of listening to voicemails, and you may often find yourself replaying messages several times in order to get all the details. Who has time for that?

The Harvard Business Review commented on voicemail, saying, “There’s not a Fortune 2000 enterprise worldwide that wouldn’t enjoy a healthy productivity jolt by ridding itself of this tool that’s degenerated into [a] handicap.”

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Luckily, it’s no longer necessary to start your workday by testing your patience or wasting time. Learn about the advanced voicemail features offered through Ooma Office business phone service.

Is There a Better Alternative to Voicemail?

Voicemail is still a necessary part of business communications. Whatever your target market, there’s no avoiding this critical communication tool. After all, voicemails are an easy way for customers, business partners, and colleagues to state their questions, issues, or requests.

However, the productivity problem with voicemails occurs during the retrieval process.

As Motherboard explains, “In an age when anything slower than instantaneous is unacceptable, being forced to dial into a voicemail service, poke in a passcode, select the option to listen to your new voicemail, and then actually listen to the – likely unnecessary, redundant, and lengthy – message is acute attention torture. It’s a four-step, multi-minute long process emotionally equivalent only to having to endure a full 30-second ad before a YouTube video or watching your Dad clip his toenails over the toilet.”

If this sounds familiar, your business may benefit from one of these advanced voicemail tools.

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Easier Access to Voicemail

With Ooma Office phone service, you have several ways to access your voicemail. Traditional methods include dialing into voicemail from your Ooma Office phone, an outside line, or through your business’ virtual receptionist.

However, dialing into voicemail can be more cumbersome than you’d prefer.

That’s why all users can listen to voicemail via email. When voicemails are emailed as an mp3 file, you have complete control over the audio, which can help you improve your business productivity.

Productivity Hacks When Using MP3 Voicemail

  • Fast-forward through the audio track to hear only the callback number
  • Get clarity by repeating only a section of the message instead of the whole thing
  • Forward voicemail emails to coworkers
  • Save time by eliminating voicemail logins and PINs
  • File the audio tracks with client records to document interactions

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Better Voicemail Inbox Management

However, listening to voicemail by dialing in or via email aren’t your only options.

When using the Ooma Office mobile app, you also have one-touch access to your voicemail, making it easy to listen to messages and return calls no matter where you are.

Additionally, the mobile app gives you powerful tools to manage your voicemail inbox. Prioritize your communications by tapping on the message you want to listen to instead of cycling chronologically through all your messages. Using the app, managing voicemails becomes similar to how you manage emails.

Find out how your business can be more productive by using the advanced voicemail functions of Ooma Office phone service.

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Dennis Peng

Dennis is the vice president of product management and technical advisory board member of Ooma and is responsible for creating an intuitive, compelling user experience. Prior to joining Ooma, Dennis worked at Cisco Systems for 11 years where he began his career as a customer support engineer. He later joined the Escalation Team where he focused on fixing the most technically challenging problems, as well as supporting the design, rollout and operations of the largest remote access and broadband aggregation networks worldwide. He was honored with the title of Distinguished Support Engineer because of his expertise in networking protocols, isolating and fixing highly complex issues, and leadership among his peers. Dennis holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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