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Ooma Acquires Butterfleye, Producer of AI-Powered Video Security Devices

By |Tuesday January 16, 2018

Have you heard about Ooma’s very exciting announcement? In an expansion of our home-security offerings, Ooma acquired Butterfleye, an AI-powered smart video camera and security platform.

The AI-functionality of Butterfleye’s smart video cameras provides powerful facial and audio recognition, allowing for the ability to detect people, pets and various sounds. While Butterfleye’s cameras will continue to be sold separately under its original brand, this acquisition allows Ooma to seamlessly integrate Butterfleye’s powerful smart technology into Ooma’s comprehensive wireless home security system so that users can better secure their homes and businesses.

Butterfleye video security
Here are eight reasons to be excited about video security with Butterfleye and Ooma:

Live Stream Video

The Butterfleye smart video camera provides more than just straight video surveillance. Using your mobile device, you’ll have remote access to your surveillance system, and you can keep tabs on the things that are most important to you using crystal-clear 1080p night vision security camera.

Activity notifications can prompt you to remotely access live video footage so that you can see if it’s a UPS delivery man at your front door or if it’s a security threat that needs to be addressed. Additionally, the video footage will be archived so that you can reference it later. And everything uses AES 128 bit encryption so that you can be sure your security system footage remains only accessible to authorized users.

Facial Recognition

With Butterfleye, you’ll have access to powerful facial recognition technology to detect who is coming and going. Outfitted with embedded computer vision, AI and onboard image processing, the facial recognition technology provides advanced security for your home or business.

Here’s how it works: First, the Butterfleye identifies if the activity it detects is a person, a pet, or just a loud noise. For every face that it sees, it will take a snapshot so that you can easily see who triggered the camera. Over time, when the device has gathered enough similar snapshots, the software will prompt you to give a name to that familiar face, and then it will let you know when it sees that person again. You can also manually group snapshots to create facial recognition profiles. Within each person’s profile, you’ll be able to view the person’s collection of snapshots as well as play back the full video from each event.

In work environments, businesses have used the Butterfleye cameras to identify when customers or employees arrive. For example, one business used it as a digital employee timesheet to get a video clip and timestamp of when employees arrive for their work shifts. It can also be used in sales environments to notify sales reps when their regular clients enter the shop. Plus, your staff won’t have to worry about forgetting a client’s name.

Less False Alarms

Gone are the days of getting notifications from the wind blowing a tree branch or from the sun setting. The Butterfleye’s advanced imaging technology keeps your security system focused on the real threats.

In addition, the camera is equipped with smart sensors for heat, sound, and motion to provide the processor with enough auxiliary information to distinguish a real threat. With all of this smart technology, the Butterfleye camera is hard to fool.

Two-Way Interaction

The Butterfleye also provides two-way audio communication. Using your mobile phone, you’ll be able to hear what’s happening and talk over the speaker.

In homes this is useful for scaring off intruders or speaking to a family member. For business owners, this two-way speaker is often used to address any customer problems before they escalate.

Already we are seeing customers use this technology in innovative ways. At home, customers have set up the Butterfleye as a pet monitoring device, providing notification of when their pet has gotten out of an enclosure. The two-way speakers can then be used to remotely tell your dog to get off the couch.

Battery Backup

When investing in a security solution, Internet outages and power outages should not interrupt your service. That’s why the Butterfleye is equipped with a built-in battery backup and 16GB internal storage (weeks worth of video) so that your device will continue working even when there are outages.

Not only will this battery backup keep you covered during short outages, but you’ll also be protected during extended power outages where there are risks of looting. Even if you lose power and Internet, the powerful Butterfleye video security camera will remain functional.

Wire Free and Portable

Of course wireless devices are preferred over their wired counterparts, and with the Butterfleye, you’re completely wire-free. You won’t have to install any cables, making setup and installation simple. Use the Butterfleye as a standalone device without a hub or base station, or it can be wirelessly connected to your Ooma Home Security system for comprehensive coverage.

Plus, you’ll have the versatility to move it from your home to your office without a hiccup.

Integrations and Customizations

When the Butterfleye smart security camera is used in conjunction with the Ooma Home Security platform, you get the Butterfleye’s advanced functionality seamlessly integrated into your comprehensive, whole-house security system. Through this integration, your Butterfleye camera can be set to turn on when there is a trigger at one of your Ooma door/window sensors, motion detectors, or environmental sensors.

Users can customize how they receive their real-time notifications with options for a phone call, SMS, email alert and app notification. Additionally, the Butterfleye learning technology can be customized for when it should not record. For example, you may wish to not log footage of family members.

But the Butterfleye/Ooma integration is not the limit. Butterfleye’s two-way audio gives you access to your Alexa system via the speaker. And the Echo Connect already offers hands-free calling with the Ooma Telo, providing you seamless integration across all of your communications and security devices.

Ooma home security with Butterfleye

Continued Expansion of Ooma Security Platform

Especially in the sphere of smart security, devices can no longer be considered as individual tools and must instead be looked at as personalized systems where all devices seamlessly integrate.

With Ooma Home Security, a network of motion, water, door and window sensors is already offered. And Ooma’s Remote 911 feature provides additional security by automatically routing emergency calls to local emergency dispatchers, even when calls are made using your mobile device.

Ooma’s new integration with the AI-enabled Butterfleye video camera expands the security system’s potential, but it doesn’t end there. Ooma is also expanding its system to provide geofencing, which automatically switches the security system between Home and Away modes when the first person comes home and when the last person leaves. This automation of your security system will make sure that you are always protected, even when you’re distracted as you run out the door.

Ooma Home Security will also be offering additional device integration, including a new siren sensor that will sound at 100 decibels, with an included battery backup. Ooma is adding a garage-door sensor that will alert you of activity or if the door was left open.

And there is also a new, fully-certified smoke detector with immediate notification to your mobile device. So whether your roast is burning while you’re in another room or there is a fire while you’re out, the smart smoke detector will give you the safety and security to put your mind at ease.Read more home security articles here.

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