How to deal with inflation, according to Ooma customers (2022)

Tori Nonnet profile image July 22, 2022 | 5 min read

There’s been a lot of talk about inflation lately and for good reason. It’s been over 40 years since we’ve seen costs rise the way they have been these past few months. According to the latest Consumer Price Index report, we’re currently experiencing the largest 12-month increase in consumer prices since 1981.

It’s no wonder, then, that people are making all kinds of lifestyle changes to cope with rising inflation. Since we figured our customers already know of one big way to save money—they did switch to Ooma, after all—we asked our social followers about what they’re doing to combat high inflation in their own personal situations. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Cooking more

By far, one of the most common ways people are dealing with inflation is by changing their eating habits.

Understandably, eating out less and sticking with homecooked meals seemed to be a popular change made to save money.

“Less takeaway meals and more home cooking”

J.J., Facebook

On top of that, though, skipping out on more premium-priced food products like meat is another way to cut costs when it comes to cooking meals. Being vegetarian is evidently also economical!

“Cutting back on grocery expenses by only buying seasonally fruits and veggies as well as more bulk purchases and trying to do one big shop instead of many small ones which always cost me more money.”

Monica Ash, Facebook

2. Switching product brands

Trying out more affordable brands is another tip that many commented about. For products you can’t go without, switching to generic store brands can be a great way to keep to your budget.

“Buying more store brand items, and stocking up on meat and produce when on sale to put in my deep freeze.”

Cathy Whalen, Facebook

“Buying fewer items than I would have bought. Only buying necessities. Buying store brands when I can.”

T.A., Facebook

3. Hunting for deals

When prices are high, taking advantage of discounted offers is one of the easiest ways to keep your expenses low. Countless people commented that they’re now always on the lookout for sales and coupons, even using special apps to help them stick to their budget.

“[…] use apps to download special offers to save on groceries.”

Mary Rush, Facebook

4. Getting strategic with errands

With gas prices at jaw-dropping numbers, countless people are getting smarter about the errand runs they have to make. Prioritizing essentials and picking locations that are in the same vicinity means shorter trips and greater savings on gas.

“Consolidating trips to save gas and doing the math to see whether online + shipping is cheaper than driving the miles.”

G.B., Facebook

“Driving less by grouping errands together instead of multiple trips.”

@DarrellQuerin, Twitter

“Plan all trips and appointments for same day to cut down on gas. Shop with a list & stick to it.”

T., Twitter

5. Driving electric

Then, you have those who have left gas behind completely. Those driving electric cars were probably letting out a sigh of relief as they saw gas prices soar these last few months. While the investment cost may be higher, the extra money you save with an electric vehicle will keep adding up even after this period of high inflation passes.

“[…] We were already cost conscious with our spending. We also drive EV, and try to charge at free public chargers whenever possible.”

A.K., Facebook

6. Staying home

You can’t get more straightforward than this. Keep your expenses low simply by staying home, something many of us find quite familiar thanks to COVID-19. Those with the option to work from home can boost savings even more by not driving to work.

“Less dining out, fewer movies out, less unnecessary driving. Actually this started during the COVID pandemic, so there’s not been that great of a change for me. And this will pass, as all inflationary cycles do.”

Ray Hawkins, Facebook

7. Conserving energy

With the cost of energy increasing by a whopping 41.6 percent, finding ways to conserve energy is naturally a priority for many consumers.

From investing in systems that guzzle less energy to using more efficient appliances, look to tips like the one below to save some money and offset inflation’s impact on your monthly expenses.

“Using a small electric countertop convection oven vs the main freestanding range oven to use less energy and keep the house cooler in the warm months.”

M.G., Facebook

8. Changing service providers

Beyond conserving energy, people are also switching to more affordable service plans and providers maximize savings. From hopping over to a new internet provider to getting rid of their landline and going with Ooma, don’t hesitate to explore the different options available. Often, you’ll end up paying much less for the same—or even better—service!

“Changing cell phone carrier and internet provider”

M.R., Facebook

“Moving away from streaming services, getting rid of my landline and going with Ooma and taking public transit more.”

A.R., Twitter

9. Keeping an eye on interest rates

As inflation rates continue to rise, some are thinking about where to keep their cash as they anticipate seeing higher interest rates in the coming months. Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, so be sure to seek advice from financial experts about the best steps to take with your money during this inflationary period.

“[ … ] But as usual, I’m watching savings and CD interest rates as they increase to figure out where to put cash. I’m thinking of laddering CDs starting with 3 months in order to catch interest rates on the way up.”

Cece Fox, Facebook

10. Finding free hidden gems

Finally, as one user ingeniously suggested, you can always combat inflation by enjoying the many free resources and activities that are out there. These could be oft-forgotten gems like your local public library’s collection of free content, community events and venues you can enjoy without spending a dime, or even local lending programs for tools and goods! You’d be surprised what you can find and do at no cost.

“Staying home more, getting books from library instead of Amazon”

M.A., Facebook

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