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Ooma Butterfleye — Smart Security With Facial Recognition

Did you catch the blog post that we did early this year announcing that Ooma acquired Butterfleye, an AI-powered video security camera? There are so many things to love about this new camera, and we’re delighted to integrate the device into the Ooma wireless home security system.

security camera integrated with Ooma home security

The Ooma Butterfleye security camera does so much more than record and play back video; it has an advanced facial recognition system so you can intelligently monitor the places that you care about.

Are you wondering how the Ooma Butterfleye can notify you if your in-laws stop by unannounced, or if an unknown person gains entry to your house? Let us explain.

What Can Ooma Butterfleye’s Facial Recognition System Do?

In addition to the many other advanced features the Ooma Butterfleye offers, its facial recognition system can distinguish people from one another, and from the movement of pets or falling objects.

This smart home security camera integrates into your daily life by taking videos and snapshots of people’s faces as they’re coming or going. You’re then able to give each new face a name to set up the person’s profile.

Not only can you reduce the number of false alarms due to the device’s ability to distinguish between objects and people, but you can also streamline your alert notification process. With Ooma Butterfleye, you won’t need to view the video to see who it is. Instead, the notification will tell you that your Mom stopped by.

facial recognition in home security

What Information Can I Access From My Mobile Device?

Use your mobile device to monitor your security system. With both the Ooma home security system mobile app and the Butterfleye – Security Camera app (iOS, Android) working in tandem with one another, you can use the apps to see live video feed, past video clips, and the video footage logs.

Additionally, with the Ooma Home security app, you can integrate multiple Ooma sensors with one another. So, if a motion detector is activated, it could trigger your Ooma Butterfleye camera to show you what’s happening.

How Does The Facial Recognition System Learn Who’s Who?

The Ooma Butterfleye facial recognition system uses computer vision software in the cloud to scan for faces, and then it visually maps key contour points of a person’s face. This matrix of measurements is used to uniquely identify an individual.

Yet, because the detection of faces is happening in the real world, there are endless variables such as looking down rather than at the camera, wearing sunglasses, or a hairstyle that partially obstructs the camera’s view. That’s why our facial recognition system is powered with Artificial Intelligence.

Using AI, the camera can learn from the input it receives. So, as you manually match unidentified faces with existing facial profiles, the technology’s understanding of that person’s face grows stronger, equipping it with more information to make correct identifications.

What Other Advanced Video Monitoring Features Does The Camera Offer?

Our research tells us that none of our major competitors offer video security devices with facial recognition. We think this feature alone makes it a standout camera, but it goes much further.

The Ooma Butterfleye gives you advanced customization tools including the ability to adjust your notifications to filter events by face or sound. Using this feature, you can set up the camera to exclude recognized family members from your notifications, for example.

Additionally, Ooma’s geofencing technology lets you automatically arm and disarm the home security system based on your phone’s GPS location.

real time security alerts

You can also use the Schedule Alerts feature to limit to the times or days when you receive notifications. Whether you keep weekends as your down time or you have morning meetings where you can’t be disturbed, this feature lets you stay in control of your security system.

How Can You Start Using Facial Recognition?

To get started using these advanced facial recognition functions, purchase the Ooma Butterfleye, a wireless 1080p HD video security camera, to place in your home or business. Available in a single pack or three pack, this smart video security camera starts at $199.99.

The facial recognition function of the Ooma Butterfleye does require a service subscription, priced at $9.99 per month for the Secure Plan with 30 days of cloud storage or $29.99 per month for the Business Plan with 90 days of storage.

Learn more at Ooma home security camera.

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Ben Nader

Ben is the General Manager of Video Solutions at Ooma. Ben was the founder and CEO of Butterfleye- an AI based security startup with cloud recurring revenue business, which Ooma acquired in December 2017. Ooma Smart Cam uses advanced software, and artificial intelligence to recognize faces, people, pet, and many other objects.

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